No man can stop me from acting ---Bimbo Oshin


Cashing in on Bimbo Oshin after receiving her award at the Afro Hollywood event, Nollywood editor Muritala Sule had a one on one discussion with her.

How do you feel about this award?
I feel appreciated.

Is it your first award?
No, the second.

Which was your first ?
Afro Dublin award organisd by the street Journal in Dublin. it was an award in recognition of my work my fans here have been very warm , everywhere i go, they appreciate me.

I learnt that you're now married can you confirm it?
I don't want to talk about it.

But you introduced a man to us as your husband when you received your award, I know him.
Oh thank God you do.

Then let's talk about it him.

Golda John [cut in] You'd better seize this opportunity to clear the air. Oshin merely smiled

Are you relocating (to Britain)?
Are you through with schooling?
Oh yes

Did you attend U.I (University of Ibadan)?
No, UNILAG. (University of Lagos)

What did you read?

What's this got to do with acting?
Everything, it's a study of life , and acting is life.

Can anything ever stop you from acting?
Nothing, only death.

Not even if your spouse says NO! to it ?
When God says yes nobody can say no.

You haven't turned a producer, or have you?
I have produced two films already; Eji Owuro, and Owu Iya which is new.

Why must an actress turn a producer?
I felt I was ripe for it. I felt like saying something and the only way to do that is to turn a producer . I have to write what I want to preach by myself.

The films you've played in which were produced by others, didn't you ever agree with what they were saying?
Of course, I did. but not exactly what I wanted to say.

So how do you react to scripts, sent to you?
When I get a script, I have to share the vision expressed in it. but it's different from originating my own films, I preach in my own films.