FAO Expands Scholarships Agreement with Hungary to include Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan

By Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)

FAO Regional Office for the Near East and North Africa, invited university graduates to benefit from postgraduate scholarships offered by the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture. Nabil Gangi, the senior advisor to FAO Regional Representative said that for the past 8 years, the Hungarian Ministry of Agriculture was offering scholarships for post graduate studies, according to a global agreement with FAO. He added that the regional office succeeded in expanding the list of eligible countries to include some in the region of the Near East and North Africa, namely Egypt, Lebanon and Jordan. These scholarships will cover the following Master of Science degree courses, offered in English for the 2016-2017 Academic Year: Agricultural sciences, Agricultural biotechnology, Horticulture, Animal nutrition and feed safety. Gangi noted that FAO has already informed the concerned ministries of agriculture in the eligible countries, as well as more than 20 public and private universities in order to ensure the highest participation of eligible students and alumni. Students from eligible countries, who are fluent in English and didn't exceed 30 years of age, are free to apply by sending the duly filled application with the necessary supporting documents to [email protected] before the end of February. The scholarship will cover the application and tuition fees throughout the study period, basic books and notes, dormitory accommodation and subsistence costs. The courses will be attended in the following Hungarian universities: • Szent István University, Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences • Szent István University, Faculty of Horticultural Sciences (Previously having belonged to the Corvinus University of Budapest) • Kaposvár University, Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Mr. Gangi called upon all eligible candidates to visit the scholarship page on FAO Regional website in order to get the course description and application forms, reminding that incomplete applications will be immediately discarded.