Visiting An Ancient Site? Here Are 5 Helpful Tips


Visiting an Ancient site? Here are 5 Helpful Tips

Nigeria is flooded with amazing historic sites. These sites such as the Ogbunike Cave in Anambra and Kaduna, Kajuru Castle in Kaduna serve as a timely reminder of Nigeria’s rich heritage and cultural past.

Embedded in each of these unique places are tales that ignite feelings of nostalgia. To help visitors get the best out of their visit to an ancient site,, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal highlights some tips you should consider when making the journey.

Kajuru castle

Respect traditions and observe rites
At some of these sites, there are certain rites every person is expected to observe before being given access. Hence, be prepared to engage in acts like taking off your shoes at the entrance of a cave. These traditions or rites have existed for years so, do not be afraid to perform them as they will not harm you. By respecting the traditions and rites of these ancient sites, you win the support of locals and have an unlimited peek into what their ancient lives were like.

Woman And Man Hiking In Mountains

Don’t ignore off-limit signs
Due to the sensitive nature of these sites and the need to preserve and protect them from human encroachment, there are some places designated as no-go areas. These areas are labelled so for a reason. So, to ensure that you are safe throughout your visit to these sites, ensure that you watch out for caution signs and obey the rules.

Most ancient sites permit cameras, however, because of the sensitivity of a few communities, cameras may actually be banned. Unless, you are informed by the tour guide that cameras are banned from the site, you are at liberty to freely take pictures.


Take your backpack along
The content of your backpack will be largely determined by the terrain. If you are going to a mountainous area site, do not forget your hiking boots, water bottle, camera, sunglass, snack/lunch food and jackets. These things in your backpack will make easy for you to navigate these ancient sites.

Touch and feeling of artifacts
As simple as this may be, it is very important to consider it before visiting any ancient site. There are some masterpieces that are extremely fragile that any touch or feeling could damage it. The rule of thumb should be: if you don’t need to touch it, then don’t touch it! This is why some of these sites do not grant entry to children.