How Edo State Will Be Transformed When Obaseki Becomes Governor

As Edo 2016 party primaries draws nearer, the political drum beats also produces all kinds of rhythms ranging from propaganda to casting of aspersions with the objective of garnering supports for different candidates locking horns to grab our great party's gubernatorial ticket in the state.

At the receiving end is a world class technocrat and financial intelligence expert, Mr Godwin Obaseki who currently serves as Chairman of Edo State Economic Team. He is in the race for good; with full rights and privileges as enshrined in the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999 (as amended).

The anti-OBASEKI group are saying that he will be a simple tool in the hands of Billionaire Alhaji Aliko DANGOTE who eventually is the richest man in Africa.

Furthermore, that Godwin Obaseki is Governor Adams Oshiomole's preferred aspirant for the All Progressives Congress (APC) gubernatorial ticket in the state thereby casting aspersions at his Excellency, the Governor for trying to re-introduce political godfatherism in the state.

These are the two so-called vexed issues that had and still generating political discuss on pages of newspapers, the social media and at social events, drinking spots and gatherings where politicians gather to ease off tensions of life.

I will now take the two issues one after the other:

It is a truism that Mr Obaseki is the Chairman of AFRINVEST WEST AFRICA LTD with headquarters in Lagos. It is a firm made up of capital market experts; consulting for local, national and international companies and corporations.

In the course of his professional duty as a capitalist and financial market consultant, Obaseki gave useful investment tips to Alhaji Aliko Dangote that helped to reshape his business empire and eventually grew his investments.

Dangote, a northerner without any previous affiliations to Obaseki decided to stay glue to this Edo born world class financial expert so as to consistently utilise is professional services.

For every right thinking person, it ought to be a plus for Edo State and to every free born Edo man or woman that one of their own is the financial consultant to the richest man in Africa but alas Obaseki's closeness to Dangote through professional discharge of his services became unforgiveable SIN in the hands of his political detractors. Is this not petty political squabbles and jealousy? Your answer is as good as mine!


As the Executive Governor of Edo State, His Excellency Gov. Adams Oshiomole went all out to search for the best brains among the Edo people within and without to come on board so as to do the unusual in the state.

Before Gov Oshomole took over the mantle of leadership there were speculations that nothing good can ever come out of Osadebe House because Edo is a civil servants state with lean financial resources.

Gov. Oshomole in his hunger to transform the economy and infrastructural decay across the state which successive administrations ignored, decided to gather experts in the financial world, great economists and thinkers to join hands with him to move Edo state forward.

It was this drive for excellence that took the Governor to Lagos and convinced Godwin Obaseki to head his Economic Team because of his wealth of experience as a global capital market consultant.

Obaseki came on board and led a team of highly intelligent and proactive men and women, well versed in financial resources management to work out a blueprint that eventually transformed Edo State to the acute envy of his failed and corrupt predecessors.

Today, the Economic Team Chaired by Obaseki achieved and still achieving tremendous success for the state. The team Economic Transformation documents earned the approval of both national and global financial institutions now assisting the state to grow her economy; creating jobs and attracting huge investments to Edo State.


This is one difficult question that political propagandists and haters of these superb three gentlemen will need to provide cogent and convincing answers.

It is obvious today that Gov. Oshomole and his exco as well as the economic team have done well, raising the standard of good governance far and above his predecessors. It is also a naked fact that Oshomole is one of the most humble and down to earth governors in Nigeria; relating freely with all class of people in the state.

The Comrade Governor buys and chew corn publicly as a sign of extreme humility expected of a grassroots politician. No wonder he was able to end the evil era of political godfstherism in the State and established enduring democratic structures that gave our party consistent victories in Edo State.

Aliko Dangote is today one of the world recognised frontline investors; his investments are visible in West Africa and still on going in the African continent.

Will it not be good and advantageous to the good people of Edo State to have mega investors like Dangote to open up factories to further create jobs for Edo youths, both young graduates, skilled and unskilled labourers?

Dangote investing billions of dollars to establish factories in Edo State will definately facilitate additional progress and it will be a great injustice to Edo unemployed youths if enemies of progress scares away the Dangote Group from investing and establishing factories in the state.

Aspirants should not because of selfish personal ambition sponsor hate propaganda to scare away investors from Edo State. The state is far bigger and greater than individual or groups political interest that is anti-development.

Obaseki as a globally recognised financial and capital market expert coming on board as the next Governor of Edo State will attract investors because of his pedigee and solid reputation gained and/or earned over the years for serving giant business conglomerates including the Dangote Group without blemish.

Obaseki despite his numerous opportunities to short-change his billionaire clients never did so but maintained high profession standards which was why the world Economic Forum in 2001 nominated him as a future world leader emerging from Africa. This international recognition is indeed a source of joy and pride to Edo State, Nigeria and Africa.

One begins to wonder why political propagandists for no good reason choose to dance around the market square of politics looking for stones to throw at a worthy son of Edo State; making wave in his career globally and now seeking for our mandate to use his wealth of experience, solid national and global contacts with big time investors to develop the state.


That God in his infinite mercies keep alive all accusers of this great and illustrious son of Edo State, so that they can join hands with him to take the state to a higher dimension of socioeconomic remodeling after the governorship elections which by God's grace will produce Godwin Obaseki as the next democratically elected Governor of Edo State.

He will start from where Comrade Governor Oshomole stops and improve on his predecessor's achievements to the envy of other states in the country.

Our party delegates will do the needful to ensure that the best is good enough for Edo State.

The Author: Dr Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe is the APC GMB South-South Media Director. He is a full member of the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs (NIIA) and Human Rights and Political Communication committee member of the American Political Science Association (APSA) domiciled at the New York University, USA. He can be reached via email: [email protected] . Tel: 08099000058, 08033071816.

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