4 ways travelling Helps Nigerians Succeed At Work

Source: Jovago.com

Every Nigerian needs to travel once in a while. Whether it is within your state, country or going abroad, travelling offers essential benefits for the mind and body.

From sightseeing to adventure, a vacation does not only spice up your life, it takes away the daily pressure that come with living in Nigeria. Even more, people who tend to travel often, tend to succeed more at work and business than those who do not. Curious to know how this happens? Jovago.com, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking site gives 5 ways travelling can give you the much needed boost at work.

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Fosters social skills
Networking is an important skill surviving in any work environment. When you travel, you often find yourself nestled in a new environment with their cultures, languages, society and lifestyle very unlike your own and you would have to find a way to acquire the knowledge you need about these different cultures.

Travelling tests your social skills: ability to communicate freely, patience, tactfulness, and etiquette. If you can pass this test while travelling, it becomes so much easier to scale through similar tests in your career with ease.

Fuels Creativity
Travelling has a way of opening the mind and enhancing creativity. Most people who work in offices or other corporate environments agree that they find it easier to focus on their jobs after a vacation and they find themselves becoming much more creative. This is because have a clearer perspective about almost everything and become less pessimistic.

Creativity is all about finding new, different ways to get things done and handling the impromptu challenges that arise on a journey gives you the skills to solve them.


Advances travelers’ link with technology

While the main idea behind going on vacation is to break free from work, ironically, travel has a way of forcing you to rely on technology while breaking free of corporate hassles at the same time.

Most travellers in Nigeria usually they have to book their hotel rooms or flight tickets online and rely on apps and news websites to keep up with events going on at home. All these help improve their adoption of technology which eventually helps at the office.

Improves the way they organize
This mostly applies to people whose jobs are in Human Resource, Accounting, or Logistics. Whether you are travelling solo or with family and friends, there are certain things you need to put in place.

Before you set out for the trip, ensure your passports and IDs are all updated. Sort out where to stay, what to do, where to eat and they type of fun you want to have. In the process of sorting out all these, you improve your organisational skills. You find that it becomes easier to follow procedures, create and tick off checklists and this also helps you at work positively.