Ogoni Day 2016 10,000 Civil Security Volunteers For Ogoniland

By Ogoni President

The volunteerism program designed to fight crimes and keep Ogoni people safe in the homeland, began in 2009. Enrolment takes place at the village level. Volunteers are enrolled for free training exercises, upon recommendation by community leaders.

President of Ogoni Central Indigenous Authority, OCIA, Dr. Goodluck Diigbo said the program targets 10,000 volunteers in 2016 to cope with demands.

In a speech to mark the 2016 Ogoni Day at Ken Saro-Wiwa Peace and Freedom Center, Bori, Diigbo said volunteers would provide security for community events, churches, schools, markets, and maintain 24/7 vigilance throughout Ogoni villages and public space.

He urged the regulatory body – the Ogoni Peace and Security Council to ensure high standard of discipline and teamwork.

While advising his fellow citizens to work together to consolidate the gains of the Ogoni self-government, he proposed thePeace and Security Councilcollaborate with government forces.

The Ogoni Day was first observed January 4, 1993. The event was chaired by the Deputy President of Ogoni Central Indigenous Authority, Hon. Mrs. Alice Nwine, who is also the Director of Women Empowerment Agency in Ogoni.

The President of Council of Ogoni Churches, Rev. Sir Mike Ibirah, who is the Chairman of Ken Saro-Wiwa Peace and Freedom Center Development Commission conducted intercession prayers as part of the Day.

Governors of eight Ogoni provinces - Babbe, Ban Goi, Bori, Eleme, Gokana, Kenkhana, Nyokhana, and Tai presided over affairs at their various stands.

Bori – the capital of Ogoni was brought to a standstill with 40 cultural groups and over 200,000 people in attendance, including guests from within and overseas.

Meanwhile, Leader of Ogoni National Legislative Assembly, ONLA, Hon. Ledee Wiko has apologized to cultural groups that did not have a chance to perform.

Wiko expressed deep appreciation for their showing at their own expenses, and directed the organizing committee to issue them with Certificate of Participation.

The highlight of the 2016 Ogoni Day was the launching of the Development Fundfor the Ken Saro-Wiwa Peace and Freedom Center, Bori which requires urgent maintenance. The Committee responsible is continuing to raise funds to rescue the center. Renovation and repair works are expected to begin before the end of January 2016.

Tambari Deekor
Special Media Relations Assistant to OCIA President