5 Smart Ways To Travel More In 2016

Source: Jovago.com

5 Smart ways to Travel More in 2016
There are a long list of things most people want to do before giving the option of leisure getaway a though. For many their scale of preference may include school fees, rent, upkeep of the family and your general well-being with travelling probably being at the bottom of the list.


Despite these pool of activities, do you know that you can still make your dream to see the world a reality at any time of the year? Well, Jovago.com, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking shares tips on how to travel on a budget if you decide to go on vacation in the New Year.


Be flexible with your plans
Plans are susceptible to change. If a certain time is not convenient for you, it’s better to move it to another date. And if you decide to travel at a particular time, be flexible with the location. For example, rather than go to Dubai for your vacation, you can go to Kajuru Castle in Kaduna state which is fun yet affordable.

Set up a travel account
If you are a travel junkie and are serious about travelling, then contact your bank and open a travel savings account. Do not forget to pay the agreed amount into the account monthly and make it a rule of thumb to only access the account when your ready to hit the road.

Travel during off-peak periods
There are periods the travel industry experience a lull in business. During this off-peak seasons otherwise known as shoulder periods, airlines and hotels like Southern Sun, Ikoyi offer amazing discounts. You just need to keep tabs on the trends in the hospitality industry and that advantage of this


Use apps to call
Network providers are always excited when you roam your number. Because the cost is quite astronomical, even within Nigeria, it is usually cheaper to use apps like Skype, WhatsApp, BBM, and other voice chats to communicate.

Take your own food to the airport
If you carry your food with to the airport, chances are lower that you would spend a ton of money at one of the many fast food restaurants selling over-priced meals at the airport.

Act or travel like a local
Travelling is quite an expensive adventure but if you want to cut cost, travelling like a local. This includes taking public transport, standing in a train, eating at a local joint and buying food stuff at a local market. This will give you an exceptional feel of the sights and sounds of your destination.