Why I Dropped Betty For Carolina (Part 3)


I received a message alert from Carol to meet her at a resort joint. I went there with all the enthusiasm that I have, pondering in my heart, Woaoh!! This girl has finally agreed to my proposal.

I went there in my pinstripe suit,and an italian 2015 shoe, off I zoomed in my 2015, Range Rover Sport, getting to the spot,lying on the ground with people surrounding her was betty, she has been caught in the middle of her game this time, she was dating a guy called frank who also caught her with another guy named bright,and she already fixed a wedding with both of them.

How Bright caught her with Frank I don't know, guess you can never get away with lies and deceit afterall, and she was beaten up by Frank.

How my name got into the whole stuff I can't say, she has really spoilt my day. It is carol that picked her up from her unconscious state and when she was asked who is the closest person she can reach,she mentioned my name to carol,that was why carol sent a message, if i had known it was about betty i wouldn't have come around,mtcheew!imagine,i even came in my best suit,i picked her up,carol looked at me,i can't even interpret what with that looks, I zoomed off.

Betty woked up and walk up to me,pleading on her knees that i should forgive her,i don't understand the reasons behind her pleas,was those pleas meant to forgive her or to retain her back as my own prospective wife?

So angry,i stood up and left her on her knees, so you now meant am the best person to marry a container,a public material,pondering in my mind as i walked away,those pleas fell on my deaf ears, even for the mere fact that she spoilt the dreams have been having to meet with very own carol,and she played a part in playing out a different scene aside from the response to the proposal atmosphere that i had in my mind from carol.

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