Opume Kingdom Of Bayelsa State Celebrates New Year Thanksgiving

By Senior Cadres

For the people of Opume Kingdon in the Ogbia Local government area of Bayelsa State, dedicating the first day of the year to appreciate God is the reason for their New year celebration.

As it has been the practice for over a decade, the people of Opume led by the paramount ruler of the Kingdom, King A.J Turner turned out enmasse yesterday to celebrate the Community’s 2016, Thanksgiving day. The Thanksgiving according to King A.J Turner is not just a holiday nor a merry making event, but rather a day for the community to say a BIG THANK YOU to almighty God for progress continually experienced by the people of the Community and the great transformation that God has brought upon the Opume kingdom through the Traditional council and individual indigenes of the town who have continued to excel in their various fields of endeavor.

“First of all I thank God for this opportunity. I appreciate all of you present. In life, we are created for different purposes. In life so many things we is not because we needed to do it but because of purpose and the will of God. In life we are all leaders in different perspectives.

I never dreamt of becoming a king it's just a mandate from God not because am more qualified but it is God that made it. In this community in the past, there were lots of disunity and disagreement. Lot of complication about leadership and kingship. And thereafter, the community decided to have a unity day with the purpose of dedicating it God.

For over fifteen years now it has been a continually event. Recall that Late Melford Okilo was here at the first day this programme was initiated. I am never a politician, I am full time civil servant until retirement. My popularity was based on God not by my effort in anyway. Basically, the value of everyman is noticed after death. The most important thing is the unity of Opume community, My assignment is to keep this Community in unity. Where there is no peace no development can come.

Peace brings development and progress in life and family. We are all human and basically no human being is perfect but with God on my side I’m trying my possible best. For us to sustain this program till date is just by the grace of God. To me, today is a sign of success and good tidings, we see hope of a better future and further development of the kingdom and its people, the attainment of a new year is another watershed in the history of the community and an opportunity to thank God for his manifold blessings and deeds. That we are here today is by the grace of God, God has been so good to us. But for him, we won’t be where we are today," King Turner informed the people, who responded with thunderous shouts of joy.

The people also expressed their joy at the Traditional Council, headed by King A.J Turner, describing him as a leader that is more than a King but a true father to all in Opume Kingdom and beyond. They reasoned that the various infrastructural developments, transformation of lives, divine interventions and preservation of members recorded on daily basis were evidences of God’s faithfulness for which the Community was thanking God.