My Mandate Is Not Only Divine, It Is Morally And Legally In Order—Yahaya Bello Debunking Faleke’s Diatribe

By Media Office Of Kogi State Governor-Elect, His Excellency, Alh Yahaya Bello

Our attention has been drawn to the disturbing, malicious and misleading statements made by one Duro Meseko of Faleke Group, alleging that the Kogi State Governor-Elect in the person of Alhaji Yahaya Bello has no PVC, and that he is making a clandestine move to get the said PVC from INEC, on the basis of which he surmised that AYB stands disqualified.

These among other malicious and ridiculous accusations against Alh Yahaya Bello are highly ridiculous and mischievous.

Ordinarily, the Media Office of Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello, would have ignored such phantom allegations but for the concern expressed by many Nigerians.

For the record, we want the Faleke campaigners to know that the Kogi State Governor-Elect, Alhaji Yahaya Adoza Bello, would never indulge in such a pedestrian and base disposition. It is therefore a gross transmission of ignorance to think or allege that a party stakeholder, Governorship Aspirant, Candidate and Governor-Elect has no Permanent Voters Card.

APC as a party sets guidelines in line with operating Electoral Act for any person aspiring to all political offices, governorship inclusive. Such persons are screened and vetted before the Party's primaries and general election. The APC gubernatorial election in Kogi State, through which the Governor-Elect Alh Yahaya Adoza Bello emerged first runner up and by divine twist the Governor-Elect, is not in the exception. Bello crossed every "t" and dotted every "i" of the provisions of Electoral Act and the Party's Constitution for his qualification. There was no where the leadership of the Party found him wanting, including the issue of PVC which is in the possession of Alh Yahaya Adoza Bello.

We have no choice than to surmise that the resort to falsehood by Faleke Campaigners is a manifestion of their principal's desperation and lust for power.

Is it also not strange that Hon James Faleke, who was elected by Lagos electorate to represent Ikeja Federal Constituency at the National Assembly in 2015, who has not delivered or fulfilled any of his campaign promises to Lagosians, is jostling to be Governor in Kogi State before the Elections Tribunal?

Faleke and his co-travellers have consistently shown disrespect to our great party and it's leadership through various public utterances, a clear indication that Faleke is not ready for peace. We question the stake of Faleke in the peace, progress, tranquillity and unity of our beloved state and we urge him and his group to restrain themselves from words and actions that can cause anarchy in our dear state.

Above all, the emergence of His Excellency, Alh Yahaya Bello as Kogi State Governor-Elect is never an error and having being duly and legally elected as the Governor Elect of Kogi State no section of the Nigerian Constitution Or Electoral Act can invalidate the decision of the Party no matter the length of litigation by selfish or malicious politicians who refuse to reconcile the law with nature. It is high time therefore, we accepted the divine mandate of Alh Yahaya Bello in good faith. The mandate is not only divine, it is morally and legally in order. At this point in time, unity and progress of Kogi State remain our ultimate call to all. We shall be meeting Faleke at the tribunal as this will serve as our final word on the issue of PVC.

Prince Abdulkareem Oyenkehi
Media Assistant to Kogi State Governor-Elect