2016: Year of Changing Over

“After leaving Marah, they came to Elim, where there were twelve springs and seventy palm trees. They camped there beside the springs.”Exodus 15: 27

This is your year of changing over. You will go from one state to another. From suffering, bitterness, pain to rejoicing, celebration and dancing. Your change will be very visible to everybody. I’m talking about a change over that will finally put laughter into your life. I see God clothing you with a brand new dress, a garment of glory and dancing. The old is immediately giving way to the new. This message is being reaffirmed because haven has decided to do it. And remember this is exactly what Joseph told the king of Egypt. He said that the dream was repeated because God has concluded about the matter. It must be done!

What am talking about is like buying a new, beautiful dress or shoes for your child. You know how excited, grateful and gleeful they get; showing off the new arrival to anybody that cares. This is how rejoicing is coming into your life this year. You will be intoxicated with it; showing off your new blessing. I see you in a new ‘dress’. A garment of glory. God will change you over to that side of joy and prosperity. Look at it coming. You are a candidate of this divine visitation and that is why you came in contact with this write-up. Nothing, I repeat, nothing shall be able to stop you this year! Every bitterness is giving way to sweetness.

Bitterness to Sweetness
You remember the experience of the Israelites as they left the Red Sea? They became very thirsty after traveling in the desert for three days. They came to a place call Marah and found water, but were disappointed because the water was bitter. My God! From enemy pursuit to thirst and now bitterness. But the same God that drowned the enemy in the sea is also capable of quenching your thirst and turning your bitterness into sweetness. If He did it before, He is also able, willing and ready to to it again! Every thirst in your life shall be quenched this year in the name of Jesus! We will continue. Happy New Year!

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