If Your Leadership Does Not Solve My Problem, Then You Are My Problem


This is a special piece that I have spiced up for all the leaders that are alive, I salute your leadership instinct and prowess, uneasy they said lies the head that wears the crown, but dears, I have a piece for you here.

Leadership is all about shipping in results,providing solutions, seeing the visions before the people does, believing in possibilities despite the obstacles,facing lions despite the fact that you are wearing the skin of a man,battling your fears.

There is a point where your followers must not notice your fears, show me a man of courage and i will show you a man of honour, Myles Munroe of blessed memory said and I quote,”an army of lion led by a sheep will be defeated by an army of sheep led by a lion”.

So you see, the difference lies in their content and not their containers,it lies in their carriage not in their looks (ponder). It lies in the kind of antidote they possess to the poisons in this world, the kind of toxins they carries, the kind of solution they produces in the face of problems, their escape and exit strategies in moments of dangers,one who gives you momentum and guides you to achieve the visions of your life.

It doesn’t matter the departments of your life they are leading, they ignites changes and causes accelerations,and duplicate it into the lives of their followers, true leaders knows that leadership is all about duplication and replication, let every leader look behind them.

If the people you are leading are not leading someone then you are not a leader, if another version of you has not been duplicated into their lives, then you are just taking them on a walk down the aisle, and let every followers look infront of them, if the visions are not clear,

Please make a detour,if you are not seeing results please take a resultant move backward, if the coast is not clear, please cancel the flight, because i am sure there is a grave danger ahead,a roaring lion,a well tagged army to be faced and if you are not seeing that, then you are going on a suicide journey,walking to the cave of the lions,and your lives could be in a grave danger.

Your success as a leader must reflect in the life of your followers,that’s the joy of leadership,that is the beauty of

position. Leadership is not a position to acquire your wealth but to retire your possessions,leaders hears

this, if my efforts are not producing results in the face of your leadership,then you are a failure

If your leadership is not leading me to success then you are leading me to failure. It is better I make a detour on time before you take me along to your grave, if your leadership is not giving my life a momentum then you are even a problem to the leadership chair you are sitting on,what are you trying to do to the leadership chair you are sitting on, are you warming it.

As a leader i charge you, to be alert to the pitfalls of leadership,to be alert to the roars in heart of your followers,and

never lead us in vain, take heed to listen to our patriotic call,because our lives and time are so much

precious an asset to waste taking a backward motion again,we believes in you,we believes in your visions, remember this day your promises and vows of visions unfathomable,and it shall all make our world a better place worth


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