Knuptial Knots Of Death (Jane & Frank)

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When I was born, I was born with a silver spoon of hopes of life,a childhood knowledge of bubbles of life,that was available for everyman that was living.

My heart and circulation rate soars,imitating the effect of an aerobic workout, I was told people do walk away from this world, I never believed it until i saw people leave this world and its for real.

To everyone close to out heart that
have walked away,to every great
star that has fell,why did you went this far with us to leave us

Walking away from this world must have been the decision that came your way without having any other choices left on ground to pick,buddy,folks,ladies and gentlemen,what do you thinks when you see people leaves this world,all i just know is bubbles do burst and it could have happened to anyone.

You never took the time to say your goodbyes,a moment we see,the next,you are gone,your memories is all you ever left behind with us.

When it comes to life and death,we don’t have much choices,friends,let us not rush life,let's live life one day at a time,be afraid to die until you do somethings and win some victories for humanity,cos you might as well be living and not be better off than a dead man.

What an interesting life!a life that you are here today and you are gone tomorrow,never unlive life,living life as if today were to be your last day should be your yearning,a wise man said and i quote,the best moments of a dying man is the moments he spent with his family around his dying bed,God forbids,what if today is that day and all those dreams,the Godgiven ideas,talents and potentials are the ones around your bed wailing and crying,weeping and gnashing at you cos you are the only one to release them into the world which you didn't,ladies,go

look for your knights in shinning
armour,gentlemen,go look for your queens in dazzling diamonds,so that you don’t be like that old maid in my neighborhood,who walked

away without a knight story to be
told on earth.
To all the faithful departed friends and folks through the mercy of God may your souls rest in perfect peace.


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