Re- Plot To Assassinate ITA Awak

By Akwa Ibom State Divine Mandate

Our attention has been drawn to yet another onslaught in the orchestrated and deliberate smear campaign of calumny mounted by Mr Ita Awak, self acclaimed publicity secretary of APC, Akwa Ibom State Chapter, with the sole objective of blackmailing His Excellency Deacon Udom Gabriel Emmanuel, Executive Governor of Akwa Ibom State, Senator Godswill Obot Akpabio, immediate past Governor of the state and now the Senate Minority Leader and Rt. Hon. Victor Antai, Honourable Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs.

This latest effort as being circulated online is another new arrival on the ever increasing character assassination on the trio of Deacon Udom Emmanuel, Senator Godswill Akpabio and Rt Hon Victor Antai by agents of APC and Mr. Ita Awak.

The said story read in part: “Mr. Victor Etim Antai, the former Local Government Chairman of my native MBO local government and the current Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs in the Udom Emmanuel interregnum, was given the responsibility to see to my assassination; in the same manner that Mr. Okpo Ekere was brutally murder on May 18, 2012.

“I am made to know that the killers have so far made 3 unsuccessful attempts to kill me. Indeed, they were rehearsing how to make a new attempt on my life yesterday at a hidden place in Uyo”.

Ordinarily, we would have ignored the garbage circulated by Mr. Ita Awak, and his sponsors, and not dignify them with a comment, but for the fact that, the unsuspecting public may be misled and hoodwinked into entertaining their concocted tales as truth.

We also want to put on record that the peaceful co-existence between the three Senatorial Districts represent a positive indication that, the Udom Emmanuel’s led administration has created a conducive and people friendly environment for all and sundry.

This is indeed a sad development which the APC both national and state will do well to arrest, so as to restore the vanishing integrity of Akwa Ibom people.

While we call on the public to ignore and discountenance the false alarm as the said story exists only in the imagination of Mr. Ita Awak who has benefitted so much from the past administration of Senator Godswill and Rt. Hon Victor Antai, who personally introduced him to Obong Umana Okon Umana when he was in PDP.

We want to use this medium to inform the general public, the Police, all security agencies that Mr. Ita Awak is actually the person seeking to assassinate Rt Hon. Victor Antai because this is the second time he has raised false alarm on a purported assassination attempt on his life without reporting to the security agencies for appropriate actions.

It should be noted that Rt. Hon Victor Antai before becoming the Chairman of Mbo LGA did resuscitate electricity in parts of Oron LGA, Mbo LGA and Udung Uko LGA in 2002, he has so far given scholarship to students studying in various institutions, (including school fees for Mr. Ita Awak’s children), training of youths in various skills and has given over 60 cars to both indigenes and non-indigenes, which he (Ita Awak) is also a beneficiary.

We want to challenge Ita Awak to show us one person he has bought a bicycle for in his entire life time talk less of while he was the Commissioner for Information. We do not want to join issues with him because if we do, we will expose all what he did at his father’s house in the village with pictures within seven days.

This is the same man who couldn’t pay his house rent at Ewet Housing Estate and was thrown out by the landlord but was rescued by Senator Akpabio who came to visit Arch. Otu Ita Toyo and met him and his family squatting in a garage as a house boy.

The same Akpabio whom Ita Awak is claiming to plot his assassination gave him (Ita Awak) Millions of Naira in cash to rent a house and further gave him a contract at Essien Udim to use the proceeds to build himself a house. The house which he has not been able to complete because of his extravagance lifestyle and patronage of women of easy virtue.

It is a known fact that Ita Awak is not on ground politically, even in his unit. This is why he wants cheap popularity and to incite the people against his benefactors; His Excellency, Deacon Udom Emmanuel, Senator Godswill Akpabio and Rt. Hon Victor Antai.

We reaffirmed that we stand by the zoning principles of Akwa Ibom State and also affirm our support for His Excellency Deacon Udom Emmanuel.

“Whoever rewarded evil for good, evil shall never depart from his house” – Prov. 17:13.

Ulap Okokon Abia Comrade Etifit Okpo
National President National Secretary
Divine Mandate Team