Dakore Akande's Husband Shares Her 'Hot' Photos

Source: Akinbolajo Sola/Nigeriafilms.com

Actress laide bakare,

a very beautiful bubbling mother of three kids and she loves travelling too. She has always staying away from scandals,right from her upcoming years in the industry and remain low profile. Hardly can you hear her business on pages of celebrated magazines or blogs ,even though she has been there for so long. So a magical scandal came calling on her door and she became a topic of discussion for almost a year in 2013,when she SWITCH HUSBAND IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT,WITH A PROTRUDING TUMMY. From mrs laide bakare okufulire to mrs oriowo,with a nikkai ceremony to back it up. Wao isn't this act MAGICAL? By these act she became more prominent ever before on social media network,by the awakening of bashings from left,right and center,with unending questions directed to her. Purposely because of her choice of New hubby'in person of Mr Oriowo,who her fans tag as womanizer of all time and saying laide married the man for his money. She was on social media network defending herself and her act, for as long as the story last and which still lingers on till today,if not forever as fans keep bringing it up at the mention of her name. These scandal suit her so well, as she wish she can have one more to still be the talk of the town,cause she looks not bothered at all. But bitter for her and her new hubby Mr Oriowo's scandal on the MTN contract deal gone sore, with his disappearing act from the social scene,I no these story is not going away soonest.


when you describe the lady as gorgeous,delectable you are still not describing her beauty,because her beauty comes with calm aura and cool nature ,fair like sweet pawpaw . This spotless actress name came on our screen years ago,with the support of her then man friend (Ayo ogunmola) late now. He brought her to limelite,but she could not really hold the pace so high,as most of her fans complain about her doll nature in acting and she did not act so much in blockbuster movies , except the movies she co-produced with her ex-hubby. While many actresses who are not pretty as her came after her and took the spotlite,because they are better actors. She remain in that state of not frequent in movies as her junior colleagues,though she gets endorsements via her beauty and calm nature.

And in 2012-2013 gbam her scandal came when her husband Daniel adenimokan a movie director left their marriage unannounced,even though he claimed 'he already told her of their seperation,asking for a divorce severally before taking action' also took his son along to united state of America and later married another pretty colleague . These development keep her in deep shock with multiple pain and it earned her sympathy from her fans all over and she became the song on peoples lips for many years,because the tittle /reason for their separation is not worthy of discuss in public ,but the public subject her hubby to scruitinity,named him heartbreaker and all sorts of names with curses. The ex-hubby grant interviews on the cause of separation but she never did,only when her son's name is mentioned.


,popularly known as (Bisi omo logbalogba) taking long breath and clearing throat before the mention of her name,because that was exactly her logo in her prime time days years ago. As a breed of odunfa caucus ,in the 90's bisi rank first in fashion and beauty,she is fair ,tall and shapy to behold,known mostly among fuji musician's. At that time,most people hold their husbands so tight,when ever bisi ibidapo is coming to grace a party,termed her as Flirt or the Yoruba slang of 'ani mashaun lomo yen o' meaning not stingy with her honey pot and she gives it out at will also lack acting skills, poor command of English to stand tall in any social gatherings, which is known among her colleagues too.

So for many years she has disappeared into tin air,doing other stuffs to survive just because script were not coming her way. Suddenly 2012 scandal brought her back to our faces,when she got pregnant for then Hon. Dino Melaye,now a seating senator of the federal republic of Nigeria. The scandal is so damaging and disturbing the whole country,stating the obvious its shake is unstable marriage to its root. Back then the senator's madam defended and stood by him like Olumo Rock,she went far using socisl media platform to rebuke bisi's pregnancy, called her a home breaker , gold-digger and a whore,who wants to break her home with pregnancy claim. Oh my God ,we know that year was and it will remain her most memorable year in her life history forever.

Iyabo Ojo

Well this particular babe is pretty as they come,young and coded in her ways ,she rose to a level in the Yoruba industry with help of her friend Iyabo Ojo,who trained her with muka ray eyiwunmi theatre group,where she learned the robe of acting. She was not so celebrated in much tones,except at the mention of her mentor iyabo ojo,who show her the way in fashion also. Even with the years of her friends in the industry,she seems not so prominent and her name don't ring a bell ,only party times , aso-ebi which she does these only in her circle of friends.

Then came the DOUBLE TOUCHING SCANDAL a story of her most unforgettable PREGNANCY in late 2012,which she gave birth in june 2013. The scandal is like a wide FIRE ,when no man claim her baby ,among the three men she fingered or pin the baby on,Popular among them is MC Oluomo of oshodi and two other unknown names. Another ,when breaker for her is the baby dedication ceremony day, no MAN was in sight to claim the baby or seat as the father of the baby boy. It is that bad, but for friends around her she put on a big smile and put the madness behind her. And before now liz da silva was never this popular in all her years in the industry ,it's a big blow also to her friends,who people expect so much from as HAPPENING BABES CIRCLE.