How Caroline Danjuma's Husband Alleged Snatchers Got Greeted By Karma

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They always say, what goes around comes around. Thus our very own ex-Nollywood actress must be grinning from ear to ear of how Karma served her rivals right!

This is how the whole juicy story started. Earlier this month, Caroline Danjuma got in a very dirty fight with one of her husband's alleged mistress, the Canadian Joyti Matharoo, and the two women dragged each other to filth on Instagram.

Now, karma may have dealt Caro a good card as another of her most-talked-about rival, Zimbawean Danielle Simba Allen, has just gotten served by Jyoti Matharoo!

In January of this year, Dani Allen hopped on Instagram to declare that she was about to become Musa Danjuma's next wife! And in March, Caroline ambushed her at a popular Lagos salon.

Hmmmmm! Aunty Caro gave her a bouncing Nigerian slap that the Zimbabwean lady lost her balance.

The fight was stopped before it turned real messy.

Unfortunately, Danielle's relationship with Musa Danjuma allegedly failed, and in July, she moved on to a Lagos big boy, a younger man who goes by the aka Armani. She began to flaunt him on her Instagram page as her new found love.

Fast forward to yesterday, at the 'All-Black' party thrown in Lagos which Dani Allen allegedly attended and met a shocking surprise when her supposed new boo Armani was spotted lounging at a corner with Jyoti Matharoo and her sister, Kiran.

City Wags reported that Dani Allen's mood was ruined as she sulked all through the event, even after Armani walked away with the Matharoo sisters who kept running their fingers all over him.

So you see, Sisi Caro must be celebrating because it has to be fulfilling to watch her alleged rivals fight over a different man who is not Musa Danjuma. They got served in their own plates!