Ope Makinwa Is more beautiful and creamy than Toke Makinwa, Yes oh! She is!

Source: Akinbolajo Sola/Nigeriafilms.com

Toke Makinwa's older sister Ope is sweet and adorable. I have seen her many times and I still ask people if she's truly Toke's sibling. Yes she is and always stunning at events, sometimes out-shines her sister.

I saw Ope and her famous sister at the Fifty Movie Premiere in Lagos and I noticed she's more beautiful and creamy than Toke. Yes oh! She is!

Ope's choice of bottle green Lacey jumpsuit suits so much that she could pass for a queen.
I hope Toke is not angry that her sister is gradually getting more attention and accolades for her skin texture. All the best sister Ope. May be this is your style of climbing to your stardom.

Hmmmmmm family of stars sha! but watch your back sister because ground dey wet ooo,that industry no be beans. You will work hard to stay and harder to retain it. Well, ask your sister how e dey go sha.