Why Do Men Hide Their Wedding Rings?

Source: Akinbolajo Sola/Nigeriafilms.com
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As you all know we bring you happenings and gist from everywhere,today lets grab our seats to discuss men who don't like wearing their wedding RING. A short story for you,a friends husband have the habbit of not wearing his RING, abeg WHY WHY WHY? Sometime ago I conclude may be he must have unknowingly forgot the ring on the dressing table or inside jewelry box or somewhere out of site,before stepping out of the house. Alias peeps its not so,bayo real name withheld purposely don't wear it. The last time we almost had argument on why he does not wear his RING and my angelic look friend [hes wife]never go out without hers and never for ones has she made that mistake sha. My people let the men help on our curriousity on why some men don't like wearing their wedding RING?.