Doris Simeon Corrected By Instagram Follower

Source: Akinbolajo Sola/

Like the popular saying, 'no one is above mistake' and this played out on beautiful actress, Doris Simeon, who made a typographical error recently.

Doris had posted on her Instagram page about an event she attended a day before, but missed out two letters in the said post and her attention was called to it.

The mother of one had written about a Christmas carol party she attended with her “college”, but the fan who noticed it called her attention to the error, saying it should be “colleague” not “college”. But do you blame her when her beauty spa is located off “college road” in Ogba?

If you are an ardent follower of the actress page, please run to her page to thank the Instagram account holder 'niki_posh for the subtle correction. Please Doris, kindly take time to inspect your post next time. But wait o, am I also not a culprit?