Sambo Dasuki's Gate And Buhari's Anti-Corruption War: A Tale Of Many Wrongs

By Sesani Fedayo

We got mails from some of our readers on why we kept muted on Dasuki's gate despite all evidences circulating with whirlwind. Our response to them was simple, we don't take facts and figures from trial made on pages of newspapers, social media and court of public opinions. We told them we are expecting the case to be brought before a competent court so as to ascertain the true figures.

This is because APC lacks numerical acumen. We are still waiting for N6trillion. We were told that it'll trek from foreign lands and when 1million barrels of oil stolen daily by Jonathan's administration will stop.

Our take is that, corruption should not be fought with kids gloves and its approach must be holistic.

Now to Dasuki and his co-travellers in the saga. Finally, the endless list has been summed up to N32billion against $2.1billion and N650billion fanning around. In sum 3.2% of total amount N1trillion budgeted for arms was diverted according to EFCC.

Looking at the direction of the funds and confessions of those involved as fed us by the media, it was clear that the money was diverted for re-election of Goodluck Jonathan. But APC and Buhari have failed to tell Nigerians where they got their campaign funds from. They have also failed to tell us what happened to 96.8% of the fund for arms deal. While we are not supporting criminality but both APC and PDP are guilty of spending public funds on election campaign.

If Buhari could not afford money to pick a form but resorted to loan then where did they get such huge fund to finance a flamboyant election campaign. A former governor from South West single handedly bought jet for Buhari's campaign, another one took loans on behalf of his State to fund same project.

Likewise, another who took bonds on behalf of his State to fund Buhari's project. With countless of billboards, posters, radio and TV adverts, and newspapers adverts made by APC. Also, it will not be wrong to recall how much spent by APC to campaign outside the shore of Nigeria, they even spent days campaigning to foreigners in foreign lands.

Therefore, if what Buhari is doing is to fight campaign fraud of PDP in the last Presidential's election he should also remember that 99% of his campaign fund came from donations of commonwealth robbers. He should not forget that his kingmakers stole public treasury to enthrone him in Aso rock. So Buhari cannot benefit from a faulty system to gain power and challenging his co-defaulters of same wrong.

To sum it up, it has been stated clearly in the electoral act how much to be spent on election campaign. As a matter of necessity, it is a clarion call to our assigned institutions to stand up against election campaign spending impunity. It behoves on them to state sources where political parties get their funds from.

Ifedayo Obi
Good Governance Advocates
[email protected]