Wellbeing Foundation Africa Celebrates Successful Mount Kilimanjaro Climb In Honour Of IDPs, 50+ Health, And Flag On Peak Of Mountain

By WellBeing Foundation

Wellbeing Foundation Africa (WBFA), led by Founder-President Her Excellency Mrs. Toyin Saraki - Wife of Senate-President - commends the successful climb to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro by the Climb With Remi initiative.

The WBFA sponsored one brave climber headed to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, in support of those in Nigeria’s Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camps. In recognition of this contribution, the climber planted the WBFA flag on the summit.

Proving that women can stay fit and fabulous in their fifties, the climb was led by Remi Abere – whom at the age of 49 - is the oldest Nigerian to have climbed Kilimanjaro. Returning to the summit at age 50, Remi is bringing attention to the plight of 3.3 million IDPs in Nigeria. With her team in their late forties and early fifties, the Climb With Remi is a test of human endurance that shows the power of women at any stage of their life http://bit.ly/1MiVNM8 .

More people in the African region are living longer lives. There was an estimated 43 million people in 2010 aged 60 and over. This is expected to reach 67 million by 2025 and 103 million by 2050. For women, age and gender discrimination can result in disempowerment and poor health outcomes. The Wellbeing Foundation Africa has long sought to improve health outcomes for women and those over the age of 50 through the Alaafia Universal Health Coverage Fund (AUHCF) – a programme that covers the insurance premiums for 5000 Nigerian residents each year.

The programme targets women from adolescence to fifty plus, low-income families, and elderly people. WBFA is proud to sponsor Remi and her team of six women in their fifties. Their successful climb comes just days after Her Excellency Mrs. Toyin Saraki attended the premiere of the movie, Fifty, as the Special Guest of Honour - breaking down gender and age discriminations and showing the potential for good health for women, at all ages.

There are currently 3.3 million internally displaced Nigerians, many of whom are children, including a large number of newborns. In Borno State alone, over 100 babies are born daily in IDP camps. As the Newborn Champion for Save the Children Nigeria, Her Excellency Mrs Toyin Saraki is deeply concerned about the burgeoning newborn health crisis in these camps. To facilitate clean deliveries in Adamawa State in February, WBFA donated Mama Kits that contain all essential health commodities that can transform any location - even an IDP camp - into a safe and clean birthing area.

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