Biafra Youth Leader Calls On Igbos To Bring Wealth Home

By Biafra Nations Youth League

The Leader of Biafra Nations Youth League, Comrade Prince Chimezie Obuka has called on Ndigbo to come back and develop the east, instead of developing other regions in Nigeria where the presence of Ndigbo is not needed.

He made this known at the First Business Conference of Igbo Leaders organized by Alaigbo Development Foundation held in Enugu, where he was invited as a Special Guest, his statement reads.

"Ndigbo have contributed alot to Nigeria's economy yet our presence is not needed anywhere in Nigeria, I want to state clearly that until Ndigbo repatriate their wealth home, the rest Nigerians will not know how important we are.

I found out that those kicking against Biafra have lots of properties in the North and West, it's time for us to come back to develop our land, we are being hated by the rest Nigerians who are not of Biafran origin, we must stop developing their region for them.