I Have Supported My Son, He Needs to Make Good Music Now…Bukky Wright

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/Nigeriafilms.com

Nollywood actress, Bukky Wright, is one actress that can be classified into the group of veterans who have contributed their quota to the growth of Nollywood to where it is today.

Blunt in her decision making, the actress aside her busy schedule, decided to create time for her son Ojay, who happens to be a musician under her record label which she has been managing for a while now.

Ensuring that her son comes out successful, the actress has indulging in various promotional means to see that her son's presence is felt in the music industry in Nigeria and across borders.

She stated that she and her son get into serious misunderstanding but it is all about for the good of the business and not about personality.

According to Bukky, “My son and I quarrel a lot over business. I am his number one critic the same way he is my number one critic and we agree to disagree a lot. The good thing is that he is like me and I am a very blunt person. We say things as they are.

She further noted that being a proud mum who has tried in supporting her son's career, she has played her role and now left for her son to make good music for the public.

“I noticed my son's talent about 10 years ago and because I believe so much in his talent, I had to open a recording studio for him. I remember telling him to make me proud by going to school first and I would do everything to support him. I have done my part and it is left for him to do his part by releasing good music.”