Chinese, Egyptian, Ghanaian, Senegalese & Cameroonian Exhibitors At The Ph Trade Fair A Positive Pointer We Are Making Huge Progress—Chief Nabil Saleh

By Anderson Hart

Chairman of the 2015 Port Harcourt international trade fair committee, Chief Nabil Saleh has said that the presence of Chinese, Egyptians, Ghanaian, Senegalese and Cameroonian exhibitors is a positive pointer and good evidence that Port Harcourt International trade fair is making huge progress, and has remained very ambitious with sustained growth and innovations especially in the area of wooing international exhibitors.

He said Port Harcourt trade fair has continued to witness phenomenal changes and expansion contributing economically to improve the lives of several small and medium scale enterprises and major players, stimulating the local economy and providing a platform where local and international brands assemble in a common market.

“Over the years, our trade fairs have stimulated greater trade and investments that are so crucial in leveraging Rivers State economic growth, and the realization of some of its economic objective. Part of our objective as a chamber of commerce is to provide a platform that will enable different producers of a range of commodities and service to participate and compete in an international market in ways that are fair and equitable to help them progress, network and acquire greater business capacity over time”.

“One thing is sure, we cannot take this accolade alone; we must salute all our exhibitors and contractors who have been faithful to us supporting our growth through regular participation over the years”.

“Commending the effort of the new PHCCIMA president, he said “The 2015 international trade fair has witnessed a lot of innovations, and this is due to the positive inputs of new PHCCIMA president, Dr. Emi Membere-Otaji, his executives and elected exco and of course the 2015 trade fair committee. Painstakingly and pro-actively he has placed a lot of premium on improved security, stocked medical services, mandatory insurance, and provision of need amenities for the wellbeing of participants like never before. which has defined the success of the 2015 trade fair”.

Chief Saleh explained that even as the ongoing innovations are sustained, they are aware that there are divergent views and persons who prefer to remain stagnant in the old ways, but the need to make progress cannot be over emphasized; hence he said they have created openings to dialogue about the innovations taking place around the 2015 Port Harcourt trade fair and suggest strong judgments are withhold on these innovations until we can see and evaluate the outcomes.

Basically he said despite the economic crunch there has been tremendous progress in the Port Harcourt international Trade fair, and the belief is that there are even more exciting opportunities lying ahead.