United States Welcomes Referendum Vote in the Central African Republic

By Africa Regional Media Hub

Press Statement

John Kirby Assistant Secretary,Bureau of Public Affairs

Washington, DC

December 15, 2015

The United States welcomes the successful completion of the constitutional referendum in the Central African Republic as the first step to a credibly-elected, post-transition government. We congratulate the transitional authorities for their organization of the referendum, commend the supporting role of the United Nations, and applaud Central Africans for their determination to make their voices heard.

With strong participation throughout the country despite threats and scattered violence, Central Africans showed their clear desire to decide their country's future at the ballot box rather than allowing those with weapons to determine the future of their nation. We underscore our desire to see this positive momentum continue as the December 27 elections approach.

The United States condemns the actions of those who sought to interfere with the right of the Central African people to exercise their vote, and we urge regional leaders to take steps to contain those who seek to thwart the democratic process. We echo the sentiments of the majority of Central Africans, and categorically reject any challenge to the country's territorial integrity and condemn all violence

Finally, we note that the international community is closely following the final stages of the political transition process and willing to use the tools at its disposal to hold accountable those undermining the peace, stability, and security of the Central African Republic and its people.