6 Hot Tips For Surviving CarniRiv 2015

Source: Jovago.com

So you have decided to visit one of the biggest carnivals in Nigeria held in Port Harcourt, Rivers State the most populous city in the southern regions of the country.

Not only is CarniRiv regarded as Africa’s oldest street carnival, it is a blend of culture, tradition, fashion and lifestyle fused together to showcase a rich heritage. Last year, more than 2 million people participated in it, and the number is expected to increase this year.

CarniRiv is an event of epic proportions and you will certainly need some key planning tips to survive. And because the event has just kicked off – it began on the 13th of December, 2015 to end on the 20th, Jovago.com, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking portal provides tips to help visitors scale through.

Connect in advance.
Sometimes you may make plans to meet certain people at an event so they can share in the joy of that moment with you however, doing this at a carnival can be a nightmare – thanks to road closures and streets-filled with partying people.

The best way to connect with anyone is to do it in advance, before the rowdiness begins. Plan to meet them way before the main event of the day commences or at another venue all together. You may want to also take your mobile phones, as you may get separated in the crowd.

Find a good spot
Location is everything! It would be a huge bummer if you are traveled all the way to Port Harcourt for the carnival , and could not get a good view or enjoy the full impact of the event just because you did not find a good spot.

To prevent this from happening to you. Arrive at the venue early, scope the location and find the right place for you. A front-row spot along the main route is usually the way to go.

No need for heels
This mostly applies to women. The high heels tend to add a level of sophistication to our ensemble and are the usual go-to for festivals and parties, however, with CarniRiv, you may want to ditch them. You will be on your feet almost all the time and the added stress or strain from heels can kill the fun eventually.

Comfort should be your watchword. Go for closed-toe flats as they are preferable to flip-flops or peep-toes, and are the best for protecting your feet while wading through rubbish.

Go for Taxis
Getting around during the carnival can be tough, even when there are no parades.

The city essentially shuts down and focuses all of its energy onto the event and so relying on certain public transport options like buses may not be the best move. Taxis are usually the favourite option. Although a bit expensive, they are lifesavers, especially when you are travelling with a companion or as a group.

Stay safe
CarniRiv is a lively, fun and welcoming fiesta, but as it is with any huge event, staying vigilant and alert is important.

Be very mindful of your personal safety around carnival time. Try not to mingle with the crowds while you have valuables on you. If you have no plans to party, stay away from congested streets or wait until the jam has cleared. If you are suspicious, alert the police, there are usually plenty of them around during the carnival. Also, be careful what you eat or drink.

Stick to Jovago for accommodation
Port Harcourt is generally regarded as an expensive city and the price for accommodation can be steep during the CarniRiv period, the prices tend to soar even much higher and visitors find themselves either stranded or cash-strapped.

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