The People’s Republic of China extends financial support to the African Union Mission in Somalia

By African Union Commission (AUC)

It has to be recalled that as part of its partnership with the African Union (AU) in the area of peace and security, the People's Republic of China donated an amount of 2.2 million dollars. The donation will now be distributed as follows: 1.2 million dollars will be spent on improving the welfare of AMISOM staff, who are operating under very challenging circumstances, while 1 million dollars will be for the construction of armories for the Somali National Army (SNA).

The Commissioner for Peace and Security seizes this opportunity to reiterate the AU's deep appreciation to the Chinese Government for its support to the AU's efforts in Somalia and the larger peace and security agenda. He notes in this respect, the pledge made by Chinese President Xi Jinping, on 28 September 2015, to earmark 100 million dollars in support of the African Standby Force and other peace support operations on the Continent and additional announcements made during the just- concluded Forum for China-Africa Cooperation, which took place in Johannesburg, South Africa.