Lagos Government vows that pension schemes will be adequately funded

By The Rainbow

The Lagos State Head o f Service, Mrs . Olabowale Ademola h as reiterated t he co mmittment of the State Government to the welfare of p ensioners' in the State T eaching S ervice.

The HOS stated that, the present administration places high premium on the immeasurable and unquatifiable contributions of all s taff in t he State Civil Service , either retired or in active service. She spoke recently while delivering a  keynote address at the Year 2015 Pensioners' Forum organized by the T eachers' E stablishment and P ensions O ffice (TEPO) held at Adeyemi Bero Auditorium, Alausa.

She averred that, the S tate G overnment has always ensured that proactive steps are taken to address issues concerning p ensioners, adding that , government remained committed and focused o n ensuring that the two pension schemes; Pay-As-You-Go and Contributry Pension are adequately funded.

  While noting that 9540 retirees in the Contributory Pensions Scheme have been paid their entitlements  totaling the sum of =N=5.8 Billion, Ademola stressed that, the Pensi o ners' Forum is one of the ways by which the State G overnment relate s with the pensioners in order to get feedback from them through their comments and s u ggestions.

The Head of Service applauded the inclusion of health talk and free medical checks as part of activities lined up for the event, adding that, the two programmes would be of immense benefits to the retirees and urged the m to take full advantage of the se opportuni ties .

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