Special Centres Has Reduced Nigeria's Education System.

By ORIH CHIBUIKE, The Nigerian Voice, Abuja

The Exam Ethics Marshals International wants the anti-corruption War of the Buhari Government to begin from the education sector.

This as it says that the education system is breeding massive level of corruption.

Addressing a Press Conference on monday in Abuja, the Founding Chairman of the Group, Ike Onyechere while lamenting the increased number of Magic Center-Schools where exam malpractices are perpetrated, says it is akin to aiding and abetting of malpractice when public examination boards merely announce statistics of schools blacklisted for corrupt practices without ever mentioning the names of those involved.

While citing the case of NODO International Secondary School, Lagos, which was reportedly exposed as one of the magic centers in the country, Onyechere describes as delay tactics aimed at sweeping the matter under the carpet, the position held by the Ministry of Education and NECO that investigation is still ongoing in the matter.

He warned that criminalizing of the education process is fundamentally more dangerous and damaging to the country than treasury looting, as the nation cannot expect leaders of tomorrow to operate as angels when they are fed and weaned on diets of malpractice, fraud, dishonesty and corruption in education.

Also speaking was the Member,BOT Exam Ethics Marshals international Major General Mathias Efeorbokhan (RTD) said that " if you look at examination season people started drifting towards particular states and that has to stop because our life is at stake and we must get it right . And to make it worst parent are collaborating with schools to perpetrate this act".