He was shouting chain but Nigerians thought it was change

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 By: Obi Nnanna Nwabugwi
Around 1400 in America, there were more than 8 million native Americans

living in that continent, but  by 1920 there were only about 250,000

native Americans left in the United States. The majority were living in

government reservations with conditions of living below that of third

world countries.
In history class in the United States, students were taught that

Christopher Columbus discovered America while in Nigeria, it is taught

that Mungo Park  discovered river Niger. The worst of all to the native

Americans is that there is a public holiday that is named Columbus

day.With regards to Nigeria, our ancestral history is still distorted by

this western confusion through wrongful teachings like the Mungo Park

Ask native Americans what they think of Christopher Columbus, they will

say things like fraud, insult, deceit and a government that does not care

about their feelings. If you ask the same question to Nigerians, they will

tell you that the British lied to them, deceived them, brainwashed them

with the type of colonial education that will keep them suppressed for a

long time. Well, they succeeded by feeding the masses lies and  this

continues today through the people in political positions.

Also looking at another  history, Hitler and the Nazis used deception to

confuse the Germans and lead them to a terrible end through the use of

charming promises and lies. The end result was terrible and the Germans

realized that they had been scammed to believe a government that used

media deception to lead them to hell.
These are all negative changes that lead to destruction and suffering for

the masses which a group of people that want power, whether political or

territorial will  want to achieve by all means at the expense of the poor

Linking this to the African situation, it has come to note that it  is

difficult to find a leader that does not preach positive change before

elections but when they are eventually elected, what they give to the

masses is the native American treatment or the Hitler style scam

This now comes to the question of why are the African masses so gullible

to fall for these political rogues in this 21st century? Are we lacking

something that the western world possesses? Is it poverty that is

affecting our normal thinking ?  Do we have a distorted DNA ? Are our

youths in love with the horrible way things are right now ? Is it a

cultural thing? Is the continent full of people who do not care for their

rights? Have we been subdued to the level that weakness is now part of

us?  What is it that these leaders are using to succeed in all the evil

that they are doing? These questions are never ending with no single

answer as at today.
Somebody told me that it took United States more that 100 yrs to get to

where they are today but it took Singapore only 30 yrs to become a first

world country so why that argument. It is on record that Nigeria has

almost equal number of doctorate degree holders with the United States.

Still we allow  the wrong people to decide our fate.

History has taught us that the chaining of the populace starts with a

media blitz filled with lies about change to get the heart of the people

then they will chain them and use them the way that suits them. Now

Buhari and APC have gotten power through the mantle for change. The next

action will be to chain the people in all aspects. Going through this

bill that passed the second reading in the senate  that goes like

this…“Where any person through text message, tweets, WhatsApp or

through any social media post any abusive statement knowing same to be

false with intent to set the public against any person and group of

persons, an institution of government or such other bodies established by

law shall be guilty of an offence and upon conviction, shall be liable to

an imprisonment for two years or a fine of N2,000,000.00 or both fine and

imprisonment.”  by Senator Ibn Na'Allah (Kebbi), of the ruling All

Progressives Congress (APC) tells us a lot about what to expect from the

ruling party.  This reminds me of Idi Amin who quoted that there is

freedom of speech but he cannot guarantee freedom after the speech.

The only credible change we have seen in Africa so far this year  is in

Tanzania where the actions of the new president  John Magufuli  have made

our president look like a midget in the change that was promised by the

APC ruling government. Tanzania started enjoying the change that was

promised in weeks and not months of hopelessness that we see in Nigeria

now. A lot of people supported the new Nigerian government because of the

change that was promised, people made enemies, some were threatened  by

own family members for supporting Buhari.  What are we getting now,

disappointment upon disappointment.Ministerial positions given to the same

old corrupt politicians and the APC party saying that these politicians

are not guilty unless the court convicts them. Then why is the APC

government holding Nnamdi Kanu when no court has convicted him.

They say he committed treason by soliciting for arms to fight the Nigerian

government, let the courts prove it. I heard someone saying that Biafra is

a fraud, that inside Biafra land, Anambra will not marry Imo, Nsukka

people are seen as third class Igbo people, Abakaliki people are not seen

as humans amongst several Igbo people, Mbaise man is forbidden to govern

Imo state,Ngwa man is seen as out cast in Abia state. How can they survive

with all these differences boasted one northern politician without noting

that locking up Nnamdi Kanu will bring out a more united Igbo people.

The Buhari government is toying with fire by chaining the people and not

giving the people the change that they wanted. Will the people open their

eyes to see the reality in time or will they continue to be used by these

politicians? Time will soon tell if that word Nigeria will exist in a

matter of years as confederation and multiple referendums loom on the

wayside because of a deceitful government. Let APC rule in a democratic

truthful way or their cup will overflow soon without any remedy. We voted

for change and not to be chained with lies.
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