The burdens on the new ministers

First and foremost, I say congratulations to all the newly sworn-in ministers for making the list after a tasking exercise at the lobby rooms, at the senate and prayers to the Almighty to make it possible. I say double congratulations to the returnee ministers for having served to the satisfaction of their godfathers and the leadership of their parties to warrant their re- nomination for stability. And I sincerely say big congratulations to the returnee ministers who served Nigerians and the nation to best of their ability without fear or compromise.

Secondly, I say separate congratulations and prayers for the ministers who have made up their minds to serve with sincerity, loyalty to the Nigerian people and the leadership and then hope to make a difference at the end of the tenure in the history of the ministry he or she heads.

Although not much is expected from some of the ministers, it is worthy to remind them that they are not the best Nigeria has. It is largely destiny and their little lobbying efforts that have granted them the opportunity to lead Nigerians in their present capacities. So for those who have faith and believe that there will be a day to account for all their deeds, let them be guided by both the divine and the Nigerian Constitution.

Three things Nigerians would want them to concentrate on are credible elections in 2011, improvement of power supply so as to restore businesses and reduce crime and to consolidate on the gains of Niger Delta amnesty so that there will be no fuel crisis during their short tenure. These are onerous tasks.

Muhammad Ajah, a writer, author, advocate of humanity and good governance writes from Abuja ([email protected] uk, 08055247005)

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