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Mercy Aigbe in Public Fight

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

One of the reasons social media was created was to bring friends and families together through an application that is able to go faster within seconds with the help of internet. This applications which comes in various forms have been widely accepted as it has helped cut down some constraints in terms of communication.

With the various applications in progress, some celebrities have been able to define which is most suitable for them to use in getting across to their teaming fans and rather than some of them getting recommendations, they are being bullied instead and Nollywood actress, Mercy Aigbe, has just received the axe of a fan after she shared the picture of herself and her daughter, Michelle, asking who looks better in the picture.

While receiving good commendations, the actress was surprised at the insult she got from a fan with the name, diamondbee12, who called the actress to make her understand that her daughter is already having affair with guys at her tender age.

Daimondbee12: I bet you, your little one is having an s3x in her tender age. Please next post should be comparing the number of sexual partners you either have had or shared so people can comment.

This comment never went down well with the actress as she told her fan Diamondbee12 to “feel free to go jump into the lagoon.”

The fan made it known to the actress that her job as a mother is protect her daughter rather than expose her. “Your job as a mother is to protect her and not expose her to the filthy world. The fact you post stupid things I have the right to comment good or bad, deal with it mate.”

The heat was just too much for both parties to handle as they kept attacking each other with Mercy describing the fan as an “attention seeker, coward and a fool.”

In the market of tge Devil,things that takes life easily are the cheapest.
By: Prince E.A.Kingsley