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Barack Obama
An American, who planned to kill President Barack Obama has been jailed for 10 years. He was also convicted for plotting to kill dozens of blacks. The man, Paul Schlesselman, from Arkansas, pleaded guilty in January and was sentenced in an Arkansas Federal Court for what the FBI said could have been the worse racially motivated killings in American history.

Federal officials said Schlesselman had threatened to kill Obama on October 23, 2008, shortly before the presidential election.

He also planned to 'murder dozens of people with a focus on murdering African-Americans,' the Justice Department said.

Schlesselman admitted planning the killing rampage for more than a month and had started to pile up weapons, including a short-barreled shotgun, the Justice Department said.

He planned to go on a series of robberies, burglaries and murders that would have ended with the murder of Obama, the Justice Department said.

'Our nation has made great progress in advancing civil rights, but this unthinkable conspiracy is a reminder that hate-fueled violence continues to be a very real problem in so many communities,' said Thomas E. Perez, assistant attorney general for the Civil Rights Division.

The Secret Service said threats against Obama have risen to an unprecedented level and that he enjoys more protection than any American leader in the history of the country.

'We are capable of protecting the first family and other government leaders, no matter the level of threat,' stated a Secret Service spokesman, Ed Donovan.