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These days where people undergo one kind of challenge or the other, there is always this tendency of asking people close to you for help or assistance. At times if you do not ask, some people do volunteer to help depending on your problem or challenge.

People encounter different kinds of challenges/if in your life you have not encounter challenges, then, your life must be boring. Challenge and problems could come in form of lack of finance, accommodation/shelter, job, marriage etc. Different people you encounter during this period of hardship might want to help you out for one reason or the other. Some help due to the spirit of GOD in them; some due to selfish reason of what they can get from you back; some help because they want to boost their ego and wealth; and some because they want to answer good name outwardly but inside of them they loathe and mock you. The last three groups of helpers are the people Jacqui call ….PSYCHO HELPERS!!! We have a lot of them in all corners of the world pretending to help you out but later on humiliate and abuse you in the process of assistance.

Psycho helpers appear so friendly, nice, initially but when you put up with them regularly or for some time, you will discover their true colour. DISASTER!!! SATA-NIC!! Majority of people in the name of seeking for help get abused, harassed, and humiliated or even get killed. It is not easy for one to exist or live in isolation without interacting with people and, it is in the course of your mingling with different kinds of people that you know whom to talk to when in need of help.

Young ladies with financial, job and accommodation problems mostly end up being abused by people whom they go to for help. In this continent, they will boldly tell you - 'nothing goes for nothing' and they just do not say it, they also act it. Some ladies are being abused by men daily in the name of offering them money, job and shelter. Some people when facing hardship hardly pull themselves together so tend to fall for creeps and Psycho helpers who manipulate, humiliate and use them in the name of rendering help. There are several instances which we can use here but let us look at the situation of a woman willingly offering to help another woman who has accommodation problem.

I can hear a fast thinker sighing and saying out loud…Two women living together Jacqui? No-way!! In peace or in pieces? Bo-y, how hard it is for females to live together in one house peacefully! It does not matter if they are in a palace, villa, ranch or face-me-I-face-you kind of house. Why on earth is it so da-mn difficult for females to live in peace without maagu-maagu; quarrel, backbiting, envy, gossips, bitterness, etc? what is it about the women that make them fall out with each other when together? Now, with the instance am using above, let us not talk about just any woman but a born-again Christian who offers to help another sister who is also born-again. Sure, I am picking on this category of females because as a true born-again Christian, you should be able to live peacefully and happily with others due to the love, fear and spirit of GOD in you. To be honest with you folks, it also appear the issue of a woman fighting another woman is worse within this category. This group of 'show-off' Christians only talk about how religious and righteous they are but hardly put into practice what the words in the BIBLE says. Check out where they are praying; you might think Osama Bin Laden and ex-President George W. Bush is physically fighting.

Their shouting of Holy Spirit and Holy Ghost fire, Blood of JESUS could make you deaf! In fact, in the middle of that same prayer, one of them can instantly shout and abuse the other bitterly and still continue with the prayer. W-haat-is-th-i-ss? Prayer? At times if one prays louder than the other, the one who does not pray very loud becomes a non-active and lazy Christian who prays fake prayers. Unless you shout like her, you do not know how to pray and GOD can never hear your own prayers. It is either you follow her style or you turn out to be the witch and wizards tormenting her! (don't get me wrong folks, I believe in warfare prayers but this is the issue of one person bitterly claiming to be more holy and pure than the other and forgetting that only GOD who sees in the secret knows the heart of each person praying to him).

A psycho helper who is a born-again Christian brings another woman into her house, just give them couple of months and the volcano will erupt. Absolutely!! Check out where they are talking to each other and you wonder - Is this how those who have the spirit of GOD in them should talk? Hot tempered with all kinds of ugly, bitter and abusive words. The one who owns the house will always want to prove to the other that she has the upper hand and if the one she brought in allows her, she can turn her into a house girl (age does not count here). It is either she does all the odd jobs in the house or no accommodation.

There is nothing wrong in helping out in a house where you are being accommodated but the idea of turning your fellow adult into a slave in the name of 'help' sucks!! Big time!! If one day the one being helped, after enduring and tolerating in order not to quarrel with the house owner, runs out of patience and flips, she turns out to be 'non-appreciative'. (hey, sally how are you doing? You are a regular fan of mine and am sure you are reading this. This is not just about you gi-rl!! Hope you are good wherever you are now. Jacqui have seen and heard such ugly scenes and decided to talk about it). Keep moving Girl! You must get there soon! Just believe in yourself! Pray without ceasing!

If one who is being helped buys new things for herself the house owner gets envious. To her, she should never progress but continue to beg her. She must never progress more than the house owner or else she is in trouble. If both of them are single and she is getting married to a 'prince charming' and the house owner does not even have an admirer, she automatically gets an emergency notice to pack out and her image will be destroyed as well and no marriage if she is not careful. House owner might even snatch the bobo from her and blackmail her in the process. (these are born-again Christians o-oh!).

E-eh, Jacqui must rap up this talk here for today because I can not finish talking about this issue on one day. Please, folks, if you make up your mind to help someone, do not expect anything back. If it comes fine, if it doesn't, fine too. There is no good thing you do on earth in a GENUINE WAY, with pure HEART that GOD will not pay you back. It may not come direct from that same person but from others later on in your life. Helpers should stop humiliating people in need just because they are helping out. Stop broadcasting all you did and gave to people in times of need.

On the other hand, if you are in need, look closely (character wise) whom you accept help from so that no one destroys your image and self esteem. Also, try and be yourself, appreciate but avoid competition and comparison which breeds envy and bitterness. In case of shelter problem, if you are the quiet, decent, and educated person, try not to put up with a loud, violent and uneducated fellow (born-again or not).

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