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Wow! See What Paul Okoye's Wife Asked As A Birthday Gift (Photo)

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Nollywood actor, Fusho Adeolu in a recent event held in Lagos, showed how much he so loves his wife that he does not always want her out of his sight one bit.

The actor while grating interview with journalist had to pause for a while to ask for the where about of his love which got everyone laughing as she was being dragged to the red carpet where she was also talking too.

With special interest on how the two love birds have been able to get so entangled with each other that they almost attend all events together, took her aside to a comfortable atmosphere where she explained that the marriage has been able to last for 11 years and still counting because they don't look for faults from each other.

How long have you been married to Funsho?

Hmm, December 18th will make it us 11 years.

How have you been able to cope for good 11 years and still counting?
Well, it has been the grace of God.

How do you cope when he is not around and you alone with the kids?

My kids are very interesting people to be with and I always look forward to being around them all the time and when their father comes in then it is a plus.

You have been able to endure the pains attach to marriage for 11 years, what is your advice to entertainers especially considering the rate of broken homes these days?

I will say they should stop looking for faults because I think it's healthy, then they should pray a lot and ask God to give them the grace to endure, the grace to just continue to stay strong.
Also, all these stories here and there, most of them are not true and things happen and they should be able to forgive each other. Forgiveness is that kind treatment; it heals a lot of things. So once you can forgive if you have heard anything or if you have seen anything or whatever, just forgive and ask God to keep you strong for your husband and family.

Between you and your husband, who forgives when you guys offend each other?

(Laughs) He doesn't like to talk about anything when it happens, but I like to talk about everything and at the end of the day we forgive each other.

Being temperamental, of the two of you who has it more?

Hmm, I can't really say we have temper like that because we try to understand each other. I don't like to shout and I don't like wahala but if there is any issue, I just like us to talk about it so that it won't come back occurring again because things that you talk about and clear, it goes away and that's it. So he doesn't have a temper, he let's go things and I do same also but after we have trashed it.

So, loving couple, who is more romantic between you two?

(laughs) I don't know, but maybe both of us or somehow (laughs). But we do sleep on each other's labs, so we are both romantic though.

All what man has are for God and are from God, so who is man?Nothing.
By: Kyei-Afrifa Ma Germ