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Biafra Youth Leader Reacts To Pa Johnson Statement

By Aghaulor Godspower

Comrade Prince Obuka has reacted to the recent declaration by some members of Itsekiri nation disassociating themselves from Biafra Independence Movement and blamed Oodua Peoples Congress for Pa Johnson's statements.

"We are aware that Oodua Peoples Congress OPC are eying Warri and have been inciting some ignorant Itsekiris against other inhabitants of Warri"

He further reacted to the statement credited to Pa Johnson of how Biafran Soldiers invaded Mid West.

"Biafran Soldiers invaded mid West to liberate the region and it was for the good of our people classified as Mid West Nigerians whereas the original region of Biafra starts from the Focardos River connected to the Niger River (The Longest Biafran River)".

Obuka accused Pa Johnson as one of those inciting conflict in Warri especially between the Ijaw Ethnic Group and Itsekiri people over who owns Warri and installation of Olu of Warri.

"We know Pa Johnson to be one of those inciting conflict in Warri over who owns that area, he doesn't have the qualifications to represent the people of Itsekiri".

The League President also reinstated commitment of the Youth League to carrying along various ethnic groups of Biafran origin in the Biafran Movement, he further accused Pa Johnson as an agent used by a popular Yoruba Group OPC to ferment division in the region.

Aghaulor Godspower
Public Relations Officer
Biafra Nations Youth League