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Why I Love Women---Former Mr Nigeria, Emmanuel Ikubese

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/

There are lots of issues confronting each and every environment and part of such issues has to do with domestic violence which some well meaning Nigerians are putting efforts to see how they can help fight the menace to a minimal level if not eradicated.

For Nollywood actor and former Mr Nigeria 2014, Emmanuel Ikubese, he believes that domestic violence should be a fight for all while calling on men to learn to be patient with the spouse no matter what is being done or said.

The actor who is working on his project RAW (Respect A Woman) which is to help create awareness to make people, especially women who are victims of domestic violence, to know the right channel to go through for their voice to be heard.

Emmanuel stressed that though women can be stubborn “But as a man, you should know how to control such situation. They can be very provoking, but as a man you should be in control rather than letting that situation control you.”

On why he is so passionate about women, Emmanuel explained that he has so much love for women because they are amazing being that needs to be protected.

“I just love women; they are amazing, beautiful beings that actually need to be protected. I have an amazing relationship with my mum and I will not tolerate it when another man tries to hit my mum. I also have a beautiful sister and I can't imagine seeing her in such a situation. Women are very vulnerable, so it's easy for them to lose their lives in the process,” he told the Nation Newspaper.

"No matter the enormosity of the problem,the panacea must always be lurking nearby"
By: Tope Ayadi