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I Want Matured Man As Boyfriend---Belinda Effah

Source: Nathan Nathaniel Ekpo/
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Belinda Effah is a lady that has carved a niche for herself in the movie industry in Nigeria since joining the profession some years ago.

When it comes to beauty, she commands that. She is one actress most men would love to have as partner.

However, Belinda says she cannot just settle for any man that comes her way. She recently listed to Daily Independent in an interview what she wants from her ideal man.

Belinda said she wants a man who is matured in mind and understands the kind of job she does.

In her words, “I'll only be in a relationship with a matured mind, who knows the kind of job I do and understand me well. We would have mutual respect for each other. Whatever happens, I'll always respect my partner and whatever issues we have, we settle it indoors.”


She said apart from the above qualities, the man must also be very neat because she cannot stand a dirty man.

The actress said her man has to be, “God-fearing, disciplined, well-dressed and clean mental, spiritually and emotionally. I can't stand dirty environments or dirty people.”