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By Kokobaiye Abeki
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The Acting Coordinator of Barr. Alabh George Turnah Youth Initiative Comrade Kokobaiye Abeki has condemned in strong terms the bomb blast in Abuja that claimed more than 15lives.

Speaking in Yenagoa, Comrade Abeki said the federal government should do everything within its powers to bring the perpetrators to book. He also condemned the federal government for not doing enough to protect lives and properties of citizens.

He said "I'm shocked that this government that made so much noise of ending insurgency in 100days during the campaigns has shown no sign of commitment to the fight. Let it be known that this government has not bought even a bullet for the military as everything being used right now was bought by the former administration of GEJ" He also said "The President had in many occasions during the campaigns claimed that the major reason for insurgency is corruption but presently, when it was said in the UN general Assembly that corruption is the bain of insurgency, the President is kicking against it. We dif not elect the President into power to only end up probing successive administration. While going about his probe, he should also know that some critical sector needs attention. I send my condolences to the immediate families of those affected by the blast."

Comrade Abeki who is also a member of the Bayelsa State Media Team said the state should do everything within its powers to reject APC leadership in the state as they have shown from the central government that they have nothing to offer.