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APC Diaspora Congratulates Nigeria, Happy 55th Independence Anniversary Celebration!

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Fellow Nigerians, this is one of the best and ever celebrated independence anniversary with economic sense, significantly, contradicting extravagancy and wastefulness of our meager resources. In 2014 available records depict, the defeated rulership squandered N10b as to N70m approved for 2015 anniversary event; while the average Nigerian hardly make $2/day. Penny wise pound foolish!

This year’s anniversary celebration calls for a thorough comparison analysis between the past and the present, for the successes made so far. Nigerians stand a better chance to sieve the good, the bad and the ugly without blinking. Bygone to the era of; the more you see, the less you understand!

In view of this let’s join hands together, to continue our prayers for peace and unity of Nigeria. Happy New Month, October 1st and God bless Nigeria more.

Long live Federal Republic of Nigeria
Long Live All Progressives Party
Long Live APC Diaspora
Long Live APC USA International Secretariat
Francis John
APC USA International Secretariat
[email protected]