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Rt. Hon. Razak Atunwa's Independence Day Message

By Rotimi Olawale
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Happy 55th Independence Day to Nigerians! Today in the history of Nigeria signifies the end of colonial rule and beginning of a sovereign nation. Today affords all Nigerians across the world the opportunity to renew their pledge of patriotism, dedication and commitment in working together to make Nigeria a great nation for us and the generations to come.

Since independence on 1 October 1960, Nigeria has been bound together in diversity of ethnicity, culture and religion. Though our unity has been put to the test in the past, we have remained inseparably united.

Although, today we are faced with some daunting challenges in the areas of economy, insecurity and public infrastructure, we are blessed with a hard-working, dedicated and patriotic population. The onus is therefore on leaders to chart the right course which will bring progress and development to the nation.

Insecurity remains a threat to our national progress. Even as I commend the Nigerian Army in their fight against terrorists in affected areas of the country, I call for more counter-terrorism approach in undermining terrorism in Nigeria. Priority must be given to families in IDPs across the country. The government and the international community should be quick in affording affected people the basic necessities of life, particularly accommodation, healthcare and economic empowerment to recover from what they lost.

Economic reform is a very important for our country. If implemented well, it will improve tax revenues for government, provide more jobs for Nigerians, and create wealth to build infrastructure. We must equally give a consensus support to the laudable anti-corruption agenda of President Muhammadu Buhari in order to eliminate corruption, tax evasion and other related crimes.

Our collective decision today can safeguard the future generations. As Nigeria marks her 55th year of Independence, let's give uniform commitment to nation building today, for a better tomorrow.

Happy Independence Day!
Rt. Hon. Razak Atunwa
Member, House of Representatives,
Asa/Ilorin West Federal Constituency.
Olawale Rotimi
B.A, M.A Ilorin, DELF Paris.
T: @RotimiLawale
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