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Nigeria Wants Its Name Removed From US Checklist

By Daily Graphic

Nigeria has asked the US to remove it from a list of countries whose citizens face tougher airport security checks after a failed airliner bomb plot.

Nigerian Foreign Minister Ojo Maduekwe told BBC News he had protested to the US ambassador about the measures.

And the Nigerian Senate has lodged an official appeal with the US to be removed from the list of 14 countries.

The US has charged a Nigerian man with trying to blow up a plane. Mr Maduekwe said this was an 'isolated case'.

The alleged bomber, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, 23, had left Nigeria 10 years ago, he added.

Mr Maduekwe said Nigeria identified with US measures to improve security for US citizens but those issues could be dealt with 'in a manner that will not be seen to be rather unfriendly'.

And he met US ambassador Rene Sanders on Tuesday to push Nigeria's objection to the new measures.

Meanwhile, senate spokesman Ayogu Eze confirmed a separate complaint had been made by parliament and the senate expected a response from the US in seven days.

The BBC's Ahmed Idris in Abuja said it was not clear what measures parliament intended to take if the appeal failed.

Nigerians are among 14 nations whose citizens face stiffer rules including body searches and luggage checks.

The nationals of four other African countries - Algeria, Libya, Somalia and Sudan - are also subject to the new measures.

Nigeria has already said it has tightened its security measures since the alleged plot. — BBC