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For you to make a turbine you have to specifically order for it to be fabricated for you and that could take a couple of years. Then you have to factor in the amount of time the turbines will spend on the high seas before it is imported into Nigeria. Then you have to transport the turbine to its location. Wasn't it in 2004 that it was alleged that Obasanjo spent $16 billion dollars on the importation of turbines, yet the turbines were left to rot at the Port, because there was no fit roads, or channel to transport them to the turbine plants. There is a lot of logistics that go into these things.

These are capital intensive, and time intensive projects. Nigerians saying that electricity improved simply because PMB came into power is assaulting to anyone's intelligence.

Does PMB have a magic wand he waves at night, and all these things magically come together, and we hail him?

For instance, where I live in Awka, Anambra State, we've had uninterrupted power supply since 2014, although it is sometimes low, but when I get to Lagos, the electricity supply is epileptic.

So since 2014, I knew that power was no longer an issue, at least where I lived. So saying that simply because PMB came into power, the electricity improved is naïve beyond comprehension.

It is possible that due to the issue of logistics, some parts of the country did not enjoy improved electricity, and due to the time intensive nature of this project, it would have taken time, for this miracle to reach every part of the country at once, but saying electricity improved in one week simply because someone came into power a week ago is totally pathetic.

IS PMB a witch? Does he have a magic wand he waves and suddenly there is light? Do we allow our superstitious tenacity for miracle seeking religion also affect our ability to reason when it comes to political realities? What is wrong with us? What sort of education are we given at school?

These things should be taught in school. What exactly it takes for electricity to get from dam to bulb. What it takes to manufacture a turbine, to set up electricity grids and transmission lines, and pipelines to carry gas to power the nation. So people do not wake up one morning and say silly incomprehensible things like the anti-corruption way made the PHCN officials sit up, and provide electricity.

Does the PHCN officers make turbines? DO they make power plants? What is wrong with people. Look at these power plants put in by the Jonathan administration

Are we saying these things because we know they are true, or are we saying these things as corrupt Nigerians that hope that if we are sycophants to the present administration, then it would give us a contract or do us some favour to change our level? What motivates us to lie to ourselves, even when the lie is leading us nowhere?

PMB himself has come out to deny any credit for the working of the refineries, yet some Nigerians are hell-bent on insisting that it is part of his achievements, fixing the refineries within three months.

When I watch this high degree of sycophancy among Nigerians, I have finally understood how people like IBB and Abacha could stay in power for such a long time, and get away with almost anything. It is because we Nigerians love to lie to ourselves, forgetting that it only us that will suffer for the lies at the end of the day. The person you are sycophanting for will have an easy ride all the way to the Swiss banks, while you excuse what you have no business excusing.

***N. O. Igwegbe is a Prolific Writer, a Philosopher, Psychologist, Lawyer, Social Entrepreneur, and an Ambassador of Heaven.

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