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Who Are The Fools, Politicians Or Electorates?

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According to Napoleon Bonaparte that in politics, stupidity is not a handicap. It is on this premise that we are stating that Nigerians are yet to know their enemies. We hope at the end of this piece, our

readers will be able to do justice to the question raised above.

Without any prevarication, politicians in our clime are bunch of

heartless stakeholders who take delight in sucking treasury of this

country to empty in daylight. They are all commonwealth robbers that

have no iota of honesty as they are portraying.
They play on our
intelligence and insult our sensibility at will. They took loans that

end up in their pockets. In Nigeria, when a governor constructed 1km

of road he has constructed 10km in his pocket. But for how long will

this country continue to meander from reality of good governance.

We are not surprise, that the current anti-graft war will not be

different from what we witnessed in the days of Olusegun Obasanjo.

Except for those who want to look the other way, handwriting is

already on the wall that this ongoing crusade will not only be

half-hearted but selective for perceived political enemies.

We are not trying to back the wrong horse at this point, if PDP is bad

then APC is worse and if PDP is corrupt then APC is a fraud. We have

not changed our position that APC and PDP are just acronyms for same

people who have brought down our national image to a sorry pass. Our

facts do not need a rocket scientist to discern as without those PDP

bigwigs that joined APC either by proxy or shadow, Buhari would not

have been dinning in Aso villa as President.
In fact, the chief commander in this war is not only lame with leprosy

in the school of integrity but had sold out his conscience on several

occasions. Who can imagine that Buhari could teamed up with same

people he once referred to as corrupt politicians. If this is not

hypocrisy then what should it be? Buhari knew that without joining

these commonwealth robbers his quest to be President will remain a day

May be we should ask him why he turned Obasanjo to political god and

Tinubu to a political saviour. Has he forgot the man who built self

library with N360millon from treasury of 36states and the founder of

election of do or die affair?. Should we say it in Hausa for him to

know the richest politician in Africa without elective post or

appointment. The man who controls Lagos IGR through a proxy company,

Alpha Beta and solely own all the continentals(from RC to TVC to hotel

to Consat). May be we should sound to his ear that same man bought

private jet leased out for his campaign and own stakes in Shoprite. We

are talking of same man that spent dollars for delegates in APC

presidential primary election.
Is Buhari looking the other way, that he cannot remember those

Governors who took N50billion bond and $600million loan on behalf of

their States to fund his campaign? May be some cases have expiry

dates, if not Buhari should know that the man who donated N50million

and 10 hummer buses to his campaign got it from Haliburton's loot.

With government institutions such as DSS violating the rule of law at

will and Buhari turning deaf ear to commend or condemn their acts. If

the man who acknowledged roles of social media in his odyssey to Aso

villa is now clamping down his critics on same platform, then we

should not doubt what to be expected in days to come.

Furthermore, is Buhari not aware of Lagos-Ibadan expressway's media

outfits and Sahara reporter that specialise in demonise immediate past

administration. Before May 29, 2015, Boko Haram attacks usually be at

their front pages but now foreign media outfits usually first them to

report such attacks.
It is quite disheartening that it is only in this clime that

prosecution of corrupt omen are hinged on political persecution. Even

Buhari attested to this fact in the case of Sanusi Lamido VS GEJ.

Also, Oyegun and APC asserted it in the cases of Nyako VS GEJ and

Saraki VS GEJ. For Buhari to turn blind eyes to moral deficiency

behind Sanusi Lamido running to court to stop investigating and

prosecuting him raises question on kind of moral pedestal Buhari is

standing on. In fact, it is not only morally bankrupt but an assault

on sensibility of well meaning Nigerians.
Therefore, if Saraki is tagging his trial as political persecution,

then we should not blame him as he got the clue from those icons

above. What many Nigerians have failed to understand is that

politicians are right by tagging their prosecutions as persecutions.

This is not far fetch as they all know they are thieves sitting in

corridors of power. Hence single them out as devil poses unfair

At this juncture, we will like to summarize stocks of prosecution on

corrupt omen in our political landscape so far. We believed many can

still remember Tafa Adebayo Balogun, an ex-IGP. His crucifixion was

the most uncivilised and inhumane in this land and he linked it to

Obasanjo. It was revealed that he purported to be Govenor of Osun

State under AC and aligned to Atiku while PDP was still his paymaster.

Today, all his confiscated assets are still rotten in EFCC custody

with recovered loot yet to be accounted for. His ordeal was followed

by N55million bribe of Adolphus Wabara and Fabian Osuji which up till

this hour nobody know its where about. Another film was Diepreye

Solomon Peter Alamieyeseigha who was purported to be Vice-President

aspirant to Atiku for 2007. DPS still believes that he was persecuted

as he was not the only Governor that used back to carry taxpayers

money to the other side of the sea. Truly, others were caught but

covered by Ebora Owu, they later used part of theirs to purchase buses

for NURTW in their respective states. If Nigerians can still remember

the era buses in South West. However, if DPS case did not involve

foreign hands may be recovered loot would have been in same vein with

Tafa Balogun. Let us move to National ID card scam of S. M. Afolabi,

one time Minister of Interior under Olusegun Obasanjo. He was hanged

for supporting Atiku bid for president and later killed himself as

reported. We know Atiku will still be fresh in our memory, but after

the brouhaha was he jailed or was any asset or loot recovered.

Now to Mr GEJ, who persecuted Dimeji Bankole for not supporting his

bid to be President but after the latter bowed to him what happen to

the case. GEJ only remembered Nyako dirty linen when he migrated to

Our questions are simple, if these people were in same political terms

of reference who they have been prosecuted? If Saraki was APC

candidate for Senate President, was this brouhaha would have come up?

If Saraki decide to step down from his seat tomorrow will his case not

be swept under carpet? If Fashola was not eyeing a seat at Federal

level did N78 million website would it has come to Nigerians’ ears?

Lastly, if this war is for the masses then where are all looted asset?

To many who are thinking that 2019 is far, it is not true in the

calendar of politicians, 2019 is nearer than tomorrow.

According to a former boss of EFFC, Nuhu Ribadu, "there are worse

people than James Ibori in Nigeria. I think probably James was not the

smartest one among them. There are some crooks worse than James, I

still see them. Some of them are even been celebrated right now in the

We will like to pitch tent with Nuhu Ribadu submission that anti graft

war in Nigeria is for those who crossed the political lines, as those

people parading as national saviours should have been in jail.

Finally, we will like to advise all political commentators to do their

home work with all sincerity. APC should stop assaulting Nigerians’

sensibility by claiming some people have hijacked their change. If APC

can handover their Gubernatorial tickets to people with corrupt cases

on their necks in Kogi and Bayelsa, then this claiming change is

questionable. There is no change as long as Buhari is still dinning

with same corrupt omen that brought us to where we are today. Show me

your friends and I will tell you the kind of person you are.

To be continued............
Al-Farouk Issa
From Katsina
Good Governance Advocates
[email protected]