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Why Ndigbo do not regret voting against Buhari: Ohaneze Ndigbo

By The Rainbow
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Ohaneze Ndi Igbo, a Pan-Igbo group, has said the region has no regrets for not voting President Muhammadu Buhariin the March 28 Presidential Election.

Igbos were the strongest supporters of former President Goodluck Jonathan who was voted out of office in the last general elections. He lost President Muhammadu Buhari, who has assumed office since May 29 and has completely shunned the people of the Southeast in about 40 key positions announced so far.

Ohaneze Ndigbo however said that if Buhari’s complete blackout of the people of the  the South East zone in key appointments is the price they have to pay for voting the for ousted President Goodluck Jonathan in the  election so be it.

President of the group, in the Federal Capital Territory, Mazi Odozi Elijah Nwodozi, said the voting pattern in the last elections, which appears tilted towards the Southern region as opposed to the northern candidate, was a demonstration of the will of Ndigbos to speak in one voice.

Nwodozi spoke  in Abuja at a press conference to kick-start the 2015 Igbo Day celebration.

According to him,  the voting trend has put to rest, insinuations that Igbos lack unity of purpose, adding that the people voted their conscience rather than for pecuniary gains.

He said, “In the 2015 elections, Ndigbos made a clear choice; it was decisive. We made the best choice, as known to us. So, we have no regrets — whether, or not, we are being punished for that choice. We are in a democracy. The president is the president of all, irrespective of how any region voted.

“This simply shows character, that if an Igbo man decides to support you, he does so no matter the consequence. That shows we are unwaivered.”

While admitting that the region realises that the government of the day is undermining Ndigbos by virtue of appointments so far made, he said the region remains unperturbed about the whole development .

“Ndigbos are strong people. We are like a phoenix; we always rise from our ashes. We cannot be broken as a people. We will surely get to the promised land,” he added.

Nwodozi also said  that the voting pattern in the 2015 general election has many implications.

He said, “Ndigbos, without doubt, made a bold statement through the ballot box on March 28, 2015.We achieved three major milestones, namely, a true reconciliation with our brothers in the old eastern region — an exhibition of the readiness of Ndigbos to allow minority ethnic group play active roles in the leadership of the nation. It was also a major achievement in that it showed unity of purpose. And the voting pattern also debunked the age long insinuation that Igbos have no unified voice.”

The Abuja president of Igbo socio-cultural group announced that Igbo Day would be celebrated on September 28 and 29  in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja.

Also speaking,  Vice President of the Pan-Igbo group, Chief Anayo Arinze, said that Ndigbo were prepared to work with anyone who would take care of their the needs.

Igbos, he said,  are law-abiding, industrious, and peaceful people who seek justice and equity in all facets of deliverable amenities in the country.

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