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Now That Professor Nathan Protus Uzoma’s Wife Is Abducted: Who Is The Next Person?

By Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha
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I was very busy on Sunday night (the 20th of September 2015) watching a television documentary when my phone rang at about 10.30pm. I picked the call and behold, it was my family friend, a fellow crusader and writer, Professor Nathan Protus Uzoma. He told me that his wife had just been abducted. I shouted and screamed, “CHINEKE MEE” which drew the attention of my wife and children.

He gave me further details and we agreed that I should make it public. Although I sent out text messages to alert the public of the sad development, I restrained myself from using my vast internet machinery and network. To say that the people of Imo State were shocked on receiving the very sad news of the abduction of Mrs. Esther Nathan Uzoma is an under-statement. Imo people are indeed angry. This anger showed itself with the way and manner citizens of the state took to facebook, twitter, and whasops etc to express their bitterness and disappointment with the security situation in Imo.

Nevertheless, the following morning being the 21st of September 2015, I rushed to Professor Nathan Uzoma’s house at World Bank Housing Estate, a distance of about 5km from my residence at Ikenegbu layout Extension. At his residence, I saw a man in high spirit and with faith in God. However I was able to gather the following facts.

(1) That there was a knock at Professor Nathan Uzoma’s gate at about 10.15pm the previous night in question.

(2) That Mrs Esther Nathan Uzoma went out of the House to see who was (were) knocking at the gate.

(3) That she met strange men who came with POWER BIKE and asked after her husband, Professor Nathan Uzoma.

(4) That she shouted, “My husband is not around, my husband is not around, my husband is not around.”

(5) That she was grabbed and put on the POWER BIKE by those strange men and zoomed off.

(6) That there was no sporadic shooting or gun shots while the operation lasted.

(7) That the new Imo State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Taiwo Lakanu reportedly visited Professor Nathan’s House on quick response.

(8) That communication between Professor Nathan Uzoma and the “Night Visitors” are yet to be established.

Now that I have laid the foundation of this piece, let me go ahead to open the minds of the reading public.

Professor Nathan Uzoma is a known writer, Crusader and critic. He needs no introduction. In the last 16 months or thereabout, “Night Visitors” have attacked his compound three good times. They have always come looking for him. His life can therefore said to be in danger. As a critic of the present state government, Professor Nathan has always challenged certain policies of government that are anti-people. Perhaps, in a bid to silence him, he has received “Night Visitors” on three different occasions.

Before I go further in this piece, let me inform the public that in my petition to the Inspector General of Police dated 26th of June 2015, I accused and indicted the Rochas Okorocha led government as being responsible for all political killings and kidnappings in Imo State. I also listed those who are on their waiting list to be killed or kidnapped. The reading public should know that Professor Nathan Uzoma’s name is on that list. ( please see attached, the said petition). That the “Night Visitors” came looking for Professor Nathan Uzoma, and were not successful but rather went away with the wife, Mrs. Esther Nathan Uzoma, is a vindication of my petition to the Inspector General of Police.

Let me at this point commend the new Commissioner of Police in the state, Mr. Taiwo Lakanu for his prompt response. The little “intel” I gathered shows that he is a very sound, efficient and effective police officer, who is actually out to take the Imo State Police Command from the valley of inefficiency, conspiracy and collaboration with Criminal elements in the state, to the mountain of sound judgement, fighting crime genuinely, exposing criminal elements and sanitizing the stinking police in Imo. I bless him in Jesus mighty name I pray, Amen.

It is a notorious and acknowledged fact that the “Night visitors” did not come for Mrs. Esther Nathan Uzoma. They actually came for the husband, on a mission to kill him. No wonder they came on a Power Bike. According to Professor Nathan Uzoma’s narrative, his wife shouted “My husband is not around” three times. From my political barometer, I can deduce that Mrs. Esther subtly sent out a signal to her husband, that there was danger. Conversely, having been frustrated in their original mission, which was obviously to kill Professor Nathan Uzoma, the “Night-Visitors” grudgingly bundled the woman and zoomed off in their power Bike without a gun shot. Let me argue here that Mrs. Esther Nathan Uzoma was not abducted in the real sense of it by the “Night-Visitors”. She was perhaps, kidnapped, taken away or bundled away, to “show” as “evidence” that they actually arrived at Professor Uzoma’s residence to execute the original plot but failed. Besides, kidnappers do not operate on Power Bikes. I will not go further than this, in order not to “spoil”, “distract” or jeopardize investigations. But I have made my points which will rather and further assist Police to effect the speedy release of the poor - innocent woman, and even provide protection for the family of Professor Nathan Protus Uzoma.

Nevertheless, the question on the lips of many Imo citizens is; now that Professor Nathan Uzoma’s wife has been abducted, who is the next person? This is because this new trend to silence those who are opposed to the anti-people style of leadership in Imo is disturbing. Perhaps, they are telling us “We will abduct, kill, and destabilize your wives, children and family if you continue to expose us”. Last week Friday being the 18th of September 2015. The co-publisher of TRUMPETA Newspaper, Mr. Henry Ekpe in his column, reproduced a text message threat sent to him by Governor Okorocha’s Senior Special Assistant on media, Sam Onwuemeodo. Clearly Henry Ekpe has alerted the world that his life is in danger. I equally have a text message sent to me by the same Sam Onwuemeodo dated 12th May 2015. However my recent conversation with him on phone convinced me that his boss who is the Governor of the state has concluded plans to have me killed. On the 14th of September 2015 at about 9.37 am, while in a conversation with Sam Onwuemeodo on phone, he told me that and I quote “If the Governor feels threatened by your continued activities in this state, he knows what to do and there will be no mistakes. Please Samuelson, for the sake of your wife and small children, stop all these things you are doing”. Unquote. This can be confirmed by security operatives. As ‘’harmless” as this advice may appear on the surface, the abduction of Professor Nathan Uzoma’s wife has given further interpretation to this advice from Sam Onwuemeodo.

Another Crusader in this state, Comrade Kenneth Uwadi is seriously under threat. His own father, aged about 75 yrs was last year arrested, all in an attempt to intimidate him into silence. Also, Activist Greg Okechukwu Nwadike was earlier this year arrested and detained for over one week by the government of iniquity in Imo State. Sir Emenike Ihekwaba was kidnapped 3 years ago by Rochas Okorocha and he is yet to be released. I have since petitioned the authorities at the Force Headquarters and the presidency. My own wife was on the 3rd of June 2014 arrested when Rochas Okorocha and the immediate past speaker of Imo State House of Assembly (Benjamin Uwajumogu) conspired with the rubber stamp, shameless, incompetent, fraud infested and roguish Imo State Police Command led by Commissioner of Police, Abdulmajid Ali and Deputy Commissioner of Police, David O. Folawiyo and accused her of murder. My children were psychologically tortured for 11 months without seeing their parents. The list is endless.

This is now the trend in Imo State. Conversely, the abduction of the wife of Professor Nathan Uzoma, perhaps in a bid to silence him, stands condemned by all Imo citizens, Nigerians and the global community. As the Chief Security Officer of the State, I am holding Governor Okorocha responsible should anything happen to the poor-innocent woman. To the “Night-Visitors” who abducted Mrs. Esther Nathan Uzoma, I appeal to them in the name of Almighty God to release her. She has gone through a lot of trauma already. The Husband though in High Spirit is obviously devastated. The children are in psychological torture.

As I stated earlier, I will not like to jeopardize Police Investigation and efforts in effecting the release of Mrs. Esther Nathan Uzoma. But let me conclude by adding that using a Power Bike to abduct a woman was indeed an assault taken too far.

Enough of these insults and assaults to our sensitivities.

I rest my pen.
Citizen Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha
Former Senior Special Assistant on Media
Immediate Past Senior Special Assistant on Special Duties

Imo State House of Assembly.
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