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The shared themes between watches and automobiles are nothing new to enthusiasts of either – or more often, both. Like a high-end automobile, the finest timepieces incorporate finely-crafted mechanisms encased in evocative metalwork, and serve for many as a sort of status symbol, representing their passion for the world to see.

Trouble is the top examples of European automotive timepieces like Chopard's Mille Miglia line and Bernard Richards Manufacture often carry equally car-like price-tags topping the thousands, tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But now the average Joe looking to get in on the action can take heart, because like the Fords that took on the Ferraris of yore and the Corvettes that take on today's Porsches, a decidedly more accessible challenger has arisen from Detroit, says Autoblog in a Tuesday report.

MoTown's own watchmaker, Equipe just came back from displaying their debut collection at the Baselworld watch show in Switzerland where it took on Europe's finest. But unlike its Swiss counterparts that incorporate one or two racing-themed pieces in their catalogs, Equipe's entire range draws its inspiration from the automobile. Offerings carry names like the Hemi, the Dash, the Octane or the Rollbar, and bear design features that'll be instantly recognizable to any gearhead.

Each packs a Miyota/Citizen Japanese quartz movement, surgical-grade stainless steel construction, water resistance to 100 meters and its own VIN-style serial number. Best of all, most of the models are priced in the $299-599 range, making them decidedly more accessible – if less exclusive and prestigious – than its Old World competition.