The Chief Executive Officer of TAXi-AD, Mr. Lekan Oganla, has said that good road network and having technocrats to manage transportation administration will greatly improve transportation in the country.

He lamented the poor state of road networks in many parts of the country, saying there was the need for all stakeholders to synergise to improve on the situation.

He added that good roads would improve socio-economic, industrial and agricultural activities.

In a media briefing in Lagos on Tuesday, Lekan said TAXi-Ad, would inject novel techniques in transport advertising in the country.

According to him, Nigeria presents a good market place for transport advertising. He added that the company was conversant with the laws that guide transportation and advertising and would play by the game.

Lekan said, 'Market Ad is a very simply concept of taxi advertising. It involves no taxes. We have very new taxi companies springing up across the nation, specifically in Lagos. You have the red and orange cabs and some of the new taxi companies coming up. What we are bringing into the market is to ensure that there are unique taxi tops on the cabs which will attract attention. Taxi ad helps brands get to the centre of the people and target audience.

'As you already know Nigeria is classified as one of the developing nations. We develop and we get better by the day. 'We are not satisfied definitely with the state of the roads in the country but we also support government initiatives to ensure that the road networks in the country is of international standard. That is why we are taking it upon ourselves as a company to operate on an international standard and settle for nothing else.'