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Nollywood Actress Wears Fake Brand Cloths To Church, Embarrassing Herself

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Nollywood actress, Jesse Nazareth, is not happy with some shopping malls in the country with the rate at which they sell fake things to clients who sometimes don't know.

The actress disclosed that she was recently embarrassed after a friend had advised her about a particular shopping outlet and after traveling there she found out that what they sell there were fake.

Not to walk out without getting anything, she decided to buy some cloths only to wear it to church and about seven people were also wearing the same cloth.

According to her, “I had an awkward moment recently. A friend kept telling me to shop at a particular store because they have nice things. I took out time to travel with her and went to the store. When I got there, I discovered that most of what they sold were not original designer brands. I had no choice than to pick a few items. I decided to wear one to church and when I got to church, it was like a uniform. At least seven people wore that outfit. I felt very embarrassed.”

Jesse Nazareth

Nollywood actress Wear Fake Brand cloths to church, embarrassing herself