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Victor Moses's breakaway was emotional roller coaster

By The Rainbow
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You know that feeling when you step into traffic without looking, only for your friend to pull you back right as a car speeds right past where you almost stood, wind blowing into your gratefully stunned face? That's probably how Victor Moses felt after Dimitri Payet sent home a rebound at the end of the play above.

Normally we'd be a little more judgmental of a player who fails to celebrate with his teammate because he feels he should've been the one on the scoresheet, but we sympathize with Moses here. You can tell that the dude is horrified at how he managed to do everything right in the lead up to this chance—streaking down the pitch by himself, stutter-stepping his marker until he hit the deck—only to smoke West Ham's would-be second goal against the crossbar. The Hammer winger's mind is understandably caught up between relief and disappointment after Payet makes it all okay. We feel for you, Victor.

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